Mocha DHT-PHEV is a 300,000-level high-end new energy spoiler

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In 2009 as the starting point, China’s new energy vehicles in the experience of “ten cities thousands of cars”, “purchase tax exemption”, “2016-2020 promotion and application of subsidies” and other important policies to promote, the domestic rapidly set off a wave of new energy vehicle development.But as the tide fades, subsidy policies continue to retreat, a lot of endurance, performance, intelligent performance of failing brands were shot in the “beach”, only a few mainstream brands, by virtue of excellent product force won the recognition of consumers.At the same time, with the growing size of the new middle class and the further improvement of consumer purchasing power, the market structure of new energy vehicles will accelerate the transformation from “dumbbell type” to “spindle type”, and 300,000 class high-end intelligent new energy vehicles will become the main model.After experiencing the baptism of the market, the middle class who are rational and pragmatic and constantly exploring upward tend to choose models that can truly achieve “0 anxiety intelligent electric” when buying cars.However, in the current market, pure electric models of luxury new power brands can bring more intelligent driving experience to consumers, but they suffer from obvious range anxiety.Traditional BBA’s “oil to electricity” new energy vehicle, although it can give consumers a good luxury feeling, but it has obvious shortcomings in intelligent technology experience.Therefore, in order to seize the 300,000-class high-end luxury new energy vehicle market, Wei Brand took the lead in arriving at the tuyair, opened up the “0 anxiety intelligent electric” new track, launched the independent luxury model is expected to “Wei Xiaoli into Wei Xiaoli” : Mocha DHT-PHEV.No matter tesla or “Wei Xiaoli”, they still face the problem of range anxiety or high travel cost to be solved. Mocha DHT-PHEV can easily solve the pain points of these users because of the endorsement of Wei brand intelligent DHT technology.To put it simply, intelligent DHT is a power system with the characteristics of “high integration, high efficiency and multi-mode drive”. With its support, Mocha DHT-PHEV can achieve a total battery life of 204km, which is far beyond the ideal ONE and other pure battery life records. Under WLTC conditions, mocha DHT-PHEV has a comprehensive battery life of 1000+km.The Ideal ONE is only 800+km, so the Mocha DHT-PHEV basically covers all the scenes of consumers’ daily commute.In Chengdu, for example, most people commute about 40km to work.So for these consumers, Mocha DHT-PHEV can basically achieve “charging on a weekly basis”, really “short-distance commuting electricity, long-distance travel oil” ideal landing into reality.Of course, Mocha DHT-PHEV has the policy advantage of “unlimited line, unlimited brand”, compared with pure electric models save the mileage anxiety and queuing for charging troubles, in a real sense to achieve the whole scene of car 0 anxiety, I believe that this is mocha DHT-PHEV dare to share the 300 thousand yuan of new energy vehicle market.From the technical point of view, the intelligent DHT system consists of 1.5T high thermal efficiency engine, 130kW high integrated DHT transmission, 39.67kwh high energy density battery pack, and 135kW high performance electric rear drive axle (four-wheel drive). Through efficient energy management,Support two power modes and pure electric, series and parallel, engine two gears direct drive, energy recovery and other operating modes, with high energy efficiency in the full speed domain, the technical characteristics of optimal driving experience.According to the actual test drive experience, at the initial stage, The Mocha DHT-PHEV will enter EV mode. At this time, the battery will provide energy to drive the vehicle, which can not only provide rapid acceleration, but also have a very peaceful feeling.In urban cruising conditions, mocha DHT-PHEV’s power switches between EV mode and series mode intelligentially, ensuring that the engine always works in the optimal economic area.In the event of rapid acceleration, both the engine and the driver will work at full capacity to provide maximum power support.When cruising in the suburbs, Mocha DHT-PHEV will enter the engine power direct drive 1 gear mode, which is more fuel-efficient than extended-range, the engine high speed ratio gear set directly drive or parallel drive, to obtain the maximum torque, improve the overall power acceleration performance.When cruising at high speed, Mocha DHT-PHEV will enter the engine economy direct drive mode, and the engine will switch to the gear group direct drive mode with more economic speed ratio. Although the speed increases, the engine speed is still in the economic zone to ensure fuel efficiency, and at the same time, it also effectively avoids the engine speed too high noise.It is worth mentioning that the mocha DHT-PHEV’s two-gear engine direct drive structure is actually very bright. It can not only effectively reduce the output pressure of the engine, but more importantly, compared with the single-gear mode, it can intervene in direct drive earlier, so as to give consideration to fuel economy at the same time, significantly improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle.This is also the key reason why Mocha DHT-PHEV 0 anxiety performance version can not only achieve 4.8s breaking 100, comparable to Model Y NIO ES6, but also significantly lower than the ideal ONE in energy consumption.It can be seen that Mocha DHT-PHEV is not an empty slogan to subvert the market of 300,000 high-end luxury new energy vehicles.”Intelligent + luxury” = industry subversion in the new four changes of the automobile, only to take the lead everywhere, in order to lead the trend of 300,000 class intelligent luxury SUV.Therefore, in addition to zero-anxiety travel experience, Mocha DHT-PHEV also brings comfortable experience that redefines 300,000 level of independent luxury benchmark through technology and luxury.Compared with traditional luxury electric models such as BMW iX3 and Audi E-tron, Mocha DHT-PHEV is more in line with current consumers’ expectations for a luxury smart car.The coffee intelligent system carried by BBA has achieved technological and intelligent advancement in intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and intelligent service, among which the most convincing is NOH intelligent piloting assistance system which BBA does not have.On hardware, NOH wisdom pilot assisted driving system has a “5 + 12 millimeter wave ultrasonic + 1 camera + 4 look around the camera” perception of the perception of the configuration, the configuration level, mocha DHT – PHEV is not only the current level three hundred thousand luxury car fuel ceiling, even and main intelligent experience than “wei”, it does not account for.NOH wisdom pilot aided driving system, meanwhile, also deeply integrated HWA highway auxiliary driving, map navigation and high precision, providing intelligence in and out of the ramp, intelligent protection, intelligent collision avoidance a lane change into the mouth, distraction/fatigue monitoring, intelligent collision avoidance cart and intelligent recognition is easy to mix forks “six big scene intelligence solutions at a high speed.In fact, both tesla FSD, and xiao peng NGP, in dealing with the success rate is not high in and out of the ramp, especially some easy to distinguish the fork mouth of chaos, and at the time of the encounter the same scenario – PHEV mocha DHT, can through the map of high precision, real-time monitoring of the surrounding conditions, 2 km into the recommended lane, in advance and accurate ramp into the target.Therefore, mocha DHT-PHEV equipped with NOH can provide users with a safer and more comfortable driving experience.More importantly, in the smart car test list released by Autohome, Wei Brand Mocha ranked the top with 77.64 points, while “Wei Xiaoli”, which is usually boasted of intelligent technology experience, ranked behind it, realizing “Wei Xiaoli becomes Wei Xiaoli”, refreshing the ceiling of the new energy field.In addition, it is worth mentioning that, unlike traditional vehicle-vehicle remote upgrade, the Mocha DHT-PHEV can be fully iterated through the vehicle FOTA approach, which means that the intelligent system can be “grown” and maintained at its best at all times.On February 8, the Mocha DHT-PHEV received a FOTA upgrade, and there are many highlights.First of all, in terms of intelligent interaction, Wei 2.0, a student who “knows you better”, is online.Not only does it have a cuter IP image, but it also has more powerful voice interaction.At the same time, in the intelligent cockpit part, steering wheel driving mode switching is added to optimize the touch screen experience. Whether three-finger sliding screen or five-finger kneading operation, the smooth feeling is better, making the whole car control experience more in line with consumers’ usage habits.Secondly, in terms of intelligent driving, comfort, standard, smart lane change mode of motion, and self-defined brake timing will be added to meet your driving needs, whether you are radical or conservative.The functions such as large curvature cornering passing ability and the timing of cutting into the target of the leading vehicle were optimized to make the NOH intelligent pilot-assisted driving system safer and more reliable.In addition, in the intelligent service part, the new intelligent car maintenance service, the owner can make an appointment for maintenance, can make the car service more convenient, more worry.Finally, in terms of application ecology, the upgrade also added vehicle-mounted intelligent small program, which supports direct voice wake-up, and vehicle-mounted intelligent home, hotel package, vehicle-mounted shopping, jingdong reading, etc., which can contract with consumers’ clothing, food, housing and transportation.For cars, FOTA was once a new capability touted by the new powerhouses, and now the Mocha DHT-PHEV has the same capability.Thus, compared with other 300,000 class luxury cars, Mocha DHT-PHEV can indeed bring consumers better intelligent experience.At the same time, for a direct hit 300,000 price range of high-end new energy vehicles, luxury sense of the creation is particularly key, the first brand to achieve up wei brand of course understand this truth.Compared with BBA traditional luxury brand, Mocha DHT-PHEV’s luxury is more comprehensive.In addition to luxury features such as diamond-cut crystal electronic stopper, NAPPA leather seats, exclusive fragrance system, inductive electric rear door and Harman Infinity12 speakers, mocha DHT-PHEV also adopts seven NVH silencing technologies to create high-end driving quality.From the body, modeling, air tightness, acoustic package, chassis, power, active noise reduction aspects of optimization, to provide users with a comfortable driving experience, which completely subvert the consumer’s inherent concept of 300,000 yuan luxury car cognition.To sum up, as the flagship product of Wei Brand, Mocha DHT-PHEV, with the support of intelligent DHT and coffee intelligence, has achieved value greater than price. It is not inferior to new forces of automobile manufacturing in intelligent experience, and is not inferior to traditional luxury brands in creating luxury atmosphere. It leads the new energy field of 300,000 level and leads the high-end intelligent new energy track.To sum up, with the improvement of domestic consumers’ purchasing power, 300,000 level high-end intelligent new energy vehicles will have a broader market.More crucially, according to the sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2021, the retail sales volume of PHEV models reached 545,000 units, up 171.2% year on year, and the growth rate was much higher than that of pure electric vehicles.It can be seen that high-end new energy vehicles with intelligent luxury experience and no endurance anxiety will become the next outlet of the new energy vehicle market.The era needs leaders, but also needs subvert, Mocha DHT-PHEV comes at the right time, it not only in “endurance, performance, intelligence” beyond the “wei Xiaoli”, at the same time, in luxury experience and the traditional luxury brand BBA flat, become 300,000 level “0 anxiety intelligent electric” new track breaker.There is no doubt that the launch of Mocha DHT-PHEV can not only allow users to enjoy a more luxurious, more intelligent, 0 anxiety of the new travel experience, but also help Wei brand to further stir up the high-end new energy vehicle market, so that it becomes a “better understand” users of the independent luxury brand.Wen | Teacher Qin | network