Popular science stickers: This “little rogue” can call the wind and rain and also known as the “beauty master”

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“It began to snow again in April” “Coordinates Harbin, the roof of my house will be blown off” “I just took off the down jacket put on again”……Strong cooling, strong winds, rain, snow, and even local sandstorms, northeast China experiences many weather types during the Qingming Festival. What causes such “rich” weather to occur at the same time?There it is, the northeast vortex swirling in the sky.What is the Northeast Cold Vortex?The red box area shows the monitoring range of cold vortex in northeast China.The image is taken from the northeast cold vortex (8 o ‘clock, April 6) as seen on the 500-hpa weather chart of the Central Meteorological Station.The image is from the National Meteorological Center cold vortex, or “cold vortex”, which is a kind of vortex from high latitudes where the central temperature is lower than the surrounding low altitude.According to the NCOLD Vortex monitoring standard, the cold vortex that will appear at 35°-60° N and 105°-145° E and lasts for more than 3 days is called NCOLD vortex.Sun Jun, chief forecaster of the National Meteorological Center, said the cold vortex system in satellite images is characterized by an asymmetric vortex structure and a large scale, and its cold front cloud system can sometimes be thousands of kilometers long.What weather changes can be brought about by the NORTHEAST Cold Vortex?What are the typical events for reference?According to Sun Jun, under the background of the Northeast Cold Vortex, different regions of China can produce different weather, including strong wind, cooling, dust, heavy rain, snow, severe convection and other weather, and even bring extreme weather.For example, extreme winds in Nantong, Jiangsu province, on April 30, 2021, and sandstorms affecting Beijing on March 15, 2021 were generated under the background of cold vorticity, Sun explained.In fact, the northeast Cold Vortex this “little rogue” can call wind and rain, also known as the “beauty master”.Between overcast and rainy days, the northeast cold vortex will bring beautiful blue sky and white clouds, because the air column in the cold vortex is in an unstable state of cold at the top and warm at the bottom, and the clouds are mostly blocky or strip with large gaps, so they can “paint” beautiful scenery.Who else is in the cold Vortex family?According to Sun jun, cold vortex usually refers to a large vortex system in the upper air, which is cyclonic in rotation and generally exists in middle and high latitudes. When it is mature, the area near its center is accompanied by deep cold air, so it is called cold vortex in the upper air.Sun Jun said, high-altitude cold eddy is an important effect on our country’s weather weather systems, high-altitude cold eddy will appear, all the year round in May and June, the most this year an average of four times, there may be two months, “according to the position of their emergence, there will be some different way affect our country’s high altitude cold eddy generally have cold eddy, Mongolia cold eddy, northeast cold eddy, etc.”Sun Jun said.What does it have to do with the cold wave?A cold wave is one of the weather conditions that a high-altitude cold vortex can bring.In the process of upper-air cold vortex moving eastward, cold air on the ground often moves eastward and southward. When the intensity of cold air is strong, a cold wave can form and affect most parts of China, which means that cold wave is one of the weather that upper-air cold vortex may bring, Sun said.(Integrated Central Meteorological Observatory, National Meteorological Center, etc.) share so that more people can see