Put down philosophical materialism: a man suddenly woke up and finally returned

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Wang Jianping: A daily article: On Perception. part 8 (66) How does materialism harm us?The great thing about being materialistic is that you don’t know you’re materialistic.It is not at all wrong to say that people are born materialists.People unconsciously stand on the materialist position, basically eternal life can not get rid of.People seem to have to exist in the material world, which does not even allow for any doubt.To say that materialism has harmed us is infuriating and unacceptable.This is no longer a speculative question, materialist thinking has become a subconscious reflection of people, what does this mean?It means the loss of one’s self.What is he who acknowledges and confirms the independence and reality of matter?Is a person a matter other than a body?Since man is not material, what is man?People do not know that from the subconscious of materialistic thinking we have lost ourselves, because in the world of independent existence of matter, we cannot determine our own identity, and the people who are opposed to matter are lost and lost, homeless and drifting forever.It’s not poetic imagination, it’s a problem that’s too big for us to handle, almost forever.Matter is matter that exists objectively. What are we?How can we exist if we cannot be certain or know what man is?In what form or form?It is precisely because of self-ambiguity that human beings have been living randomly, taking life for granted.Uncertain human existence in the definite material world, the result can be imagined, in addition to aimless competition survival, is to repeat the suffering of life and death cycle.We still don’t know, what is the right form of existence?Where are we supposed to be in life?Isn’t that the greatest tragedy of all?Materialist don’t know what’s in materialism, materialist outlook can’t find a place for man’s existence, the most is to define ourselves for not hairy monkey, a senior animal, mental consciousness under the materialist view of ethics, logic, we can only know themselves, this knowledge logic huge harm, we should know nothing until now.In materialist logic, we can only regard ourselves as a separate existence from material existence, which is called life.In this ethical logic, all living things have life, and life is an independent existence different from material existence.We are one of the creatures, we are a kind of independent living body, independent biological species attached to the physical world.We are not aware of the significance of this definition, which separates us forever from existence itself, from physical existence.The most fatal thing is that this kind of separable thinking logic makes all kinds of existing things independent, which naturally leads to binary opposition, as well as the separation and opposition between things and things and people. Even if we use materialist dialectical logic as a remedy, what exists in the dialectical relationship is still the independent existence of all parties.We still do not know that the deduction and consequence of the objective ethical logic of letting things exist independently is far beyond people’s imagination. From then on, everything in the world has its own legal basis for independent existence, and their irrelevance is taken for granted by us.A complete and inseparable being is thus completely decomposed by materialism, and we, as decomposers, live in the disintegration after decomposition.What does this decomposition mean for us, as the victims of thousands of years of conflict?After suffering from contradictions and opposites, we sum up these unmanageable and unexplainable relations as objective existence, logical relations until unknowable.Materialist view plays such a huge role, we as materialists, can only be indifferent, can we question the independent existence of the objective world?Can we see, think and deal with problems without materialistic logic?So, over time, even what is materialism?We don’t know what materialist thinking is anymore.Our survival activity and mental emotion have been completely materialized, in the end, even the possibility of questioning and criticism materialist view all lost, rebels still use materialist position that has traditionally been the materialism and materialist thinking, up to now, the world has not really born of a non materialistic thinking, because, not materialistic view can have, not materialistic thinking is impossible to produce.Materialist view establishes the existence of the objective world without explanation and leaves no retreat for human logic.Once materialism is established, people will stick to their own opinions almost all their life, because all the facts that people see afterwards are just endorsing and proving the materialist concept. Only the contradictions and suffering produced by the materialist ethical logic can not be covered up, and the fact that the world suffers deeply is all the consequences of the materialist concept.Every day we persist, our suffering increases, for the existence of wholeness cannot allow us to be divided by materialistic logic for long.It is impossible for us to try to integrate everything separated in materialistic logic. It is just a joke that man and nature are one and everything is one.Heaven and matter have not been separated, why should they be reunited?In fact, as long as we let go of materialism, existence still exists as a whole, but human beings once ran away from home, and now wake up and finally return.On this day, it is a blessing for mankind.(take)