The NHL was won by Yantai University and Beijing Sports University

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Hangzhou, March 14 (Xinhua News AgencyThe team of Yantai University won the championship of The Sunshine Group (Group A and B) and the team of Beijing Sport University won the championship of the high-level Group (Group C) of the third National Hockey League (NHL) at the end of the “War Horse Cup” at hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium on Thursday.After the intense competition of the group round robin, Harbin Institute team and Yantai University team met the sunshine group final, Beijing Sport University team and Harbin Institute of Technology team in the high-level group final.In the final of the sunshine group, yantai University team obviously prepared more fully, the defense was strict and did not give Harbin Institute team any scoring opportunities, and through their own positive attack in the second quarter by no. 19 Zhu Gaofei twice scored, and finally won 2-0.Hebei Media Institute team won the third place in this group.Beijing Sports University team and Harbin Institute of Technology team strength in the middle, the first two sections of Beijing 5-3 lead.In the third quarter of the game, The Beijing Sports University team grasped the ability of shooting opportunities more than their opponents, two more points to expand the lead to 7-3, and finally sealed the victory.Harbin Institute of Physical Education team won the third place in this group.Compared with previous tournaments, there are three innovations.First of all, a high-level team was added, which attracted high-level teams such as Beijing Sport University team and Harbin Institute of Technology team to join in, thus improving the league’s wonderful degree.Secondly, the organizer China University Sports Association and the operator Beijing Olympic Sports launched the carnival for the first time during the finals, demonstrating the fun and entertainment of ice hockey.Thirdly, this is the first time for Zhejiang to hold a high-level ice hockey event. Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center is also the venue for the Asian Games, which is of great significance to the utilization of venues and the development of ice and snow sports in Zhejiang.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: