The double life of “the most beautiful Chinese road sister” from the cheongsam competition to the Spring Festival Transport battlefield is equally wonderful

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Nanfang Network news (reporter/Huang Qi Niobicorrespondent/Shen Gao, Zhang Guanqun, Du Jinbin) shuttling back and forth toll lane handling card box, patient to dissuade overload owners into the high-speed, all eyes to carry out surveillance video inspection…On January 27, several female employees of guangdong Communications Group are busy at their posts. They are members of the “most beautiful Road sister in China” team.But what many people don’t know is that, a week before the Spring Festival travel rush, they were dressed in elegant cheongsam, stunning at the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cheongsam Women’s Style Competition.After the end of the game, they gorgeous turned around, quickly returned to their Spring Festival transport “battlefield”, in the three chi box to continue to show a different female elegant demeanor.”The epidemic prevention and control situation in this year’s Spring Festival travel rush is complicated, and the task of ensuring traffic safety is also heavy. But I will fight this’ battle ‘for high-speed people together with my colleagues.”In the cheongsam show to occupy the “C” hakka sister Ye Cailian, in the face of this year’s Spring Festival work, more than a point of determination.Heyuan Station on the Guangdong-Jiangxi Expressway, where she works, is an important channel connecting heyuan downtown and surrounding scenic spots, with more than 30,000 trips during holidays.After entering the Spring Festival travel rush, guangdong and Jiangxi highway began to usher in the peak travel, her work is more busy than usual.Help drivers in need to apply for Yuetong card, issue a pass card at the entrance of a large traffic flow, and direct traffic flow at the toll plaza…Since the Spring Festival travel rush, her station has adopted the method of “one person with multiple posts, at any time to supplement” to ensure the safety and unimpeded of the site. She wears several hats every day and is active in the forefront of the Spring Festival travel rush.In addition, as the secretary of the Youth League branch, she also led the establishment of the Volunteer service team of the Spring Festival Travel Rush, led the youth league members around to the toll stations and service areas along the line, and provided warm services such as ginger tea and “fu” for the majority of returning company attendants.”Like cheongsam stadium, the expressway service window is a stage to show the elegant demeanour and image of expressway workers,” she said. “We should devote more energy to providing better services for everyone.”Yuan Haishan: difficult to understand never let go “Le Guang expressway to Le Chang direction K192+735 found pedestrians.”On 27 January afternoon, the yue highway transport integration platform speech, monitors Yuan Haishan after receiving the message, systematically carried out a series of operations, click verify events, update the traffic lights and electronic intelligence board news, at the same time scheduling highway road administration, traffic police and rescue personnel to be present.In the eyes of her colleagues, Saddam has a tenacity that never lets go of difficulties or fails to do her job well.During the training period of the Qipao Women’s Style Competition, even though she had no basic dancing skills, she never said a tired word, even though she had cramp in her calf when she practiced every day and blisters on her feet when she walked back and forth in high heels. After repeated training, she finally explained the beauty of the Qipao easily on the stage.This year marks the eighth Spring Festival Travel rush for Her. She is no less persevering in her work. Every time she answers the company’s consultation, dispatses, commands, and reports, she tries her best to protect the safety of the company and the highway with the unique delicacy and sincerity of lu Jie.”During the peak traffic hours on the Legu-Guangzhou Expressway, each shift requires more than 300 calls and calls,” she said. “But if we can solve some of the difficulties for the drivers, all the hard work is worth it.”Yang Aiping: The three-foot box has made my beautiful life “Senior teacher, how should this special event be solved?””Teacher elder sister, the pass card didn’t, quick come to help change a card box!”Yang Aiping, experienced and skilled in business, is a toll collector of Guangdong and Jiangxi Expressway. She is also the “teacher sister” that colleagues will think of when they encounter difficulties in their work.She entered the Guangdong-Jiangxi Expressway in 2009 and became a toll collector.Since the Spring Festival travel rush this year, as a “teacher elder sister”, she not only takes on the burden of business work, but also takes the initiative to take on the responsibility of “mentoring”, teaching business skills to new employees, sharing work experience, and making every effort to help new employees better service for the company.”2022 is a very important year in my life. I not only stepped on the stage of the Cheongsam show, but also ushered in my 12th Spring Festival travel rush. The sanchi sentry box has made my beautiful life.”Yang aiping said.She grew up step by step in the toll collector position, with superb business and smiling service to meet the past passengers, harvest the honor of “the most beautiful Road sister in China”, but also cultivate self-confidence and elegant temperament.In the cheongsam show arena, her wonderful performance won everyone’s unanimous affirmation.On the stage, wearing cheongsam, they are beautiful, smart and fashionable.At work, in uniform, they are not as powerful as men.From the cheongsam competition to the Spring Festival Transport battlefield, “the most beautiful Chinese road girls” have a wonderful double life!