Beat rice cakes, cooking oven……How do they find the Spring Festival flavor in Qingpu

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As the saying goes, eat rice cake, year after year!Rice cake is a traditional food in south China. During the Spring Festival, many families have the custom of making and eating rice cake.During the Spring Festival holiday, many tourists from Shanghai came to Dongzhuang Village of Liantang, Qingpu, to experience interesting folk activities such as making rice cakes by hand and burning earth stoves. they searched for the flavor of the New Year in the beautiful countryside and felt the thick Culture of the New Year.On the third day of the New Year, more than 30 people from more than 10 families in Shanghai came to dongzhuang Village Kitchen to see the Handmade Food Academy to participate in the production of rice cakes.It was the first time to see rice cake, which made the children present very excited and eager to try.Making rice cakes is a hard work, two or three children cooperate with each other and pound them with wooden hammers.Seeing the exhaustion of their children’s strength, parents also roll up their sleeves and get involved. After about 10 minutes, the glutinous rice turns into a tough ball.When taking their own homemade rice cake, all the children devoured it.”I have never played rice cake before. Today, I found I was tired but happy. It symbolizes reunion and promotion every year.”Yang Yang said.In the process of playing rice cake, the other side of the three small stove also built to complete, cooking with a farmer’s stove fire is a lot of children in the city for the first time to see, when the roaring fire, curling smoke rises, the children an effort to add firewood in the stove.Pop popcorn, roast sweet potatoes, roast chicken…Each family chooses different ingredients and starts making rustic rice.They don’t know how to make rice cakes or how to build stoves. Today’s lunar New Year activities are too new for them. So it’s a good experience for them to get close to life.””Parent Zhang Qi said.During the Spring Festival holiday this year, citizens are called on to “celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot”. Many tourists from urban areas have chosen to find New Year’s customs in rural suburbs. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, villages in Qingpu actively welcome citizens’ enthusiasm for consumption.According to the kitchen see handcraft gourmet institute, the Spring Festival has been about 7 days full.”Due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, we can receive about 50 people a day, which is almost full every day.”Week hero said.Reporter: Li Shuangjiu Photography: Li Shuangjiu Video: Shen Yifei Editor: Li Can Responsible editor: Sun Chen Reprint please note from “Green Qingpu” official wechat view number author: Green Qingpu