I was deeply impressed by the nine parts of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-07-02 0 By

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics came to a wonderful end.Now let my brain review, which memory moments let me impressive and beautiful, feel can make the following record.First, the whole process is full of technological beauty, very modern and futuristic.Just as Director Zhang Yimou said in an interview with CCTV before the ceremony, “The opening ceremony no longer needs to show ancient civilization. We can put down some things and become more confident and relaxed.”Second, the 24 solar terms of the countdown are very Chinese and very green.And I saw a lot of Tang poetry in it, although these Tang poems may not be understood by foreigners.Third, the idea of the hockey puck hitting icecube and peeling off to form five rings is amazing.Four is the green grass, dandelion by the wind feeling very elegant, very cool.Although there are a few netizens must interpret the grass as leek….Fifth, the way of passing the national flag from all walks of life is very different from the way a group of children sent the national flag to the entrance in 2008.What impressed me also was the children’s singing during the process of raising the Olympic flag.Although some of the children’s movements are not so coordinated, but let a person feel that childlike innocence.Sixth, in the entrance process of athletes, athletes from various countries compete in costumes, which makes people feel the sense of science and technology and art, and also makes people feel the top competition of outdoor and sports brands.Seven is the national brand of small snowflakes into a big snowflake, and eventually also became the Olympic Torch lit burning stage, this is very amazing.Of course, it also left me a little puzzled, why Austria, Australia, Morocco, Moldova in the most central, I thought later, maybe because the most central are the last few, I did not think of other better reasons.Eight is the flame lit athlete relay, the last leg is not well-known active athletes, and is two, this unexpected.Wang Meng did not enter the list did not expect, Su Bingtian was invited to participate in the relay did not expect, Chen Lu and Ye Qiaobo did not attend did not expect.This is perhaps the biggest charm of the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.Ninth, there were no singers singing the theme song of this Winter Olympics, in sharp contrast to liu Huan’s interpretation of me and you.I wonder why?At the same time, “Let the world be filled with love” guo Feng composition of the old song was once again moving interpretation is very moving.So if the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics had 99 points, I would give the same 99 points to this Winter Olympics.Why not a perfect score?What do you think is the reason?