Simba clarified that 818 reservoir has never confiscated tickets.Official announcement of tiandao return date

2022-07-02 0 By

Yesterday, a media star headlined an external report, saying that simba’s hometown (818 Reservoir) has been transformed into a tourist attraction, with an entrance fee of 180 yuan.Simba talked about this matter in the early Ruixue live broadcast room, joking: these from the media I have taken!That I charge 818 tickets makes it sound like it’s true. When have I ever been charged?Last night sanda elder brother live, was asked “small day” when can live?Sanda did not hide, said the specific return date xiao Tian will personally tell you, but after a period of time he came to Guangzhou, I will let him live in my number!Hearing this news, many Taoist army blood boiling, congratulations qi Tiandao can return to live, fast hands finally have heat, ha ha ha!