The US is going to build the tank landing ship of the last century when it mocks Russian warships for being outdated?

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The recent construction of six aircraft carriers at the U.S. Supercarrier Shipyard shows the power of the U.S. military industry.But does that make us warships advanced?It’s not.Russia has used some of its biggest warships in its war games with China and Iran, but later deployed its Own Toad-class tank landing ship for a four-fleet exercise.However, the U.S. military has criticized the design of launching tanks by opening the bow door of the ship as outdated.But the embarrassment comes as the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy are also finalizing a list of light amphibious ships, not big new advanced ships, but medium-sized amphibious landing ships from the last century.The United States laughed at Russia, and as a result, as the richest country in the world, it also planned to build the backward warship design of the last century. Netizens all said that the American military was too miserable.The US Marine Corps has a very loud slogan saying that if China wants to take the South China Sea, they will be stationed in the South China Sea, and if Russia wants to take the Baltic Sea, they will be stationed in the Baltic Sea.If the U.S. Marines shouted the slogan, the warships should not be left behind.The United States has the most powerful navy in the world. Even 11 aircraft carriers make many countries look backward. In addition, the United States has more than 60 nuclear submarines, hundreds of warships of various kinds, and its gross tonnage is the world’s largest.The Russian “Toad” class tank landing ship that the United States jokes about is a tank landing ship made by the former Soviet Union in the 1980s, which has a history of nearly 50 years.Two variants of the tank landing ship were built, the Type I was built between 1974 and 1978, with a total of 25 ships.The Type II ships were built between 1980 and 1988 with a total of three ships.The US derided the tank-landing ship launch tank as an outdated design, while their own had already entered the era of vertical landing.The SAN Antonio class and the American class are much more advanced than the Russian tank landing ship in terms of performance and tonnage, and delivery methods. Moreover, this warship design also leads the development of amphibious warships around the world, providing a model for other countries to develop amphibious warships.But a lot of people thought the US would build big ships again, but it didn’t.The U.S. Navy isn’t building large amphibious assault ships, and the new plans aren’t wasp, US-class amphibious assault ships that have the tonnage of An American aircraft carrier, but rather light amphibious ships that don’t look like they can fight well.Perhaps many people do not understand, if the attack of the South China Sea, such as the recent appearance of “America” and “Essex” amphibious warships in terms of tonnage is obviously more superior, and can carry advanced carrier-borne aircraft, is the US navy really poor?According to US media reports, the leadership of the US Marine Corps sees such ships as the key to future “island jumping operations”.This warship looks from the appearance, basically is last century popular medium tank landing ship.The head of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command also told the truth.The proposed light battleships would be smaller versions of traditional tank landing ships, but there would be more of them because they would be cheaper.The US military budget for 2022 was finalized at the end of last year, with a total military budget of 768.2 billion US dollars, accounting for much more than China’s GDP, and an increase of 5 percent compared with that of 2014.There’s 7.1 billion dollars for the Pacific Deterrence program, mainly against China.The Navy gets a budget of 207 billion dollars, and this ship is shared by the Marine Corps and the Navy, which accounts for the majority of the total budget, so it’s not like there’s not enough money to build this ship.According to the US military, the US is now considering a two-front war to prepare for a possible war with China and Russia simultaneously.But China’s and Russia’s “anti-access/area-denial” systems are still strong, and America’s large amphibious ships, such as the Wasp, SAN Antonio and USA, are too large to be attacked.So the smaller Marine units are better suited and can move from one island to another over a wide area.In the past, the US also had large tank landing ships, but they were replaced by more advanced amphibious landing ships, so tank landing ships were also retired in large numbers.The new amphibious landing ships can make “horizon landings” in offshore waters using hovercraft or large helicopters, which are more maneuverable and have far fewer combat losses.However, the United States has reconsidered the merits of tank landing ships in light of such adversaries as China and Russia. They also plan to cooperate with the concept of “expeditionary forward base” to quickly seize islands and undermine the anti-access system of China and Russia.The NAVY and Marine Corps are scheduled to build 28 to 30 light amphibious ships between 2023 and 2026.With a displacement of 3,000 to 4,000 tons, the amphibious ship is about the same size as a corvette and is capable of beach landing.The ships, which cost less than $150 million each, will have a crew of 40 and conduct landing operations without the involvement of large amphibious ships.The Navy and Marine Corps light amphibious ships, as well as a previously announced frequency combat ship, are part of the U.S. military’s proposed “distributed maritime warfare” tactics.The Anti-ship missiles and coastal defense systems of China and Russia make us aircraft carriers and large warships dare not act rashly. In view of the anti-access system of China and Russia, the US military has thought of this “distributed maritime warfare” tactic, and uses light amphibious warships and frequent sea combat ships as tactical content.But don’t forget, China and Russia have more such tank landing ships, and China is the ancestor of guerrilla warfare, the United States wants to use China’s good tactics to invade China’s territorial waters, the REAL touch of the United States will regret.