The price of Xiaomi CiVI has dropped significantly, and the extreme light and thin feel is super good. Is it suitable for buying?

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As the beginning of xiaomi’s change in the mobile phone market, Xiaomi Civi’s previous market performance in the mobile phone market seems to be really good. After all, as a very successful female mobile phone market product of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Civi’s market performance is really good.Especially in appearance, but its performance level, millet civi with very good market performance, has just been released in the mobile phone market have attracted a lot of female consumers, do have a very good market in the mobile phone market opening performance, its performance and its configuration is also very suitable for female consumers.But don’t know if mobile phone market development of millet previously was really too obsessed with male consumers, women consumers know more or less is one-sided, resulted in the performance of millet civi on the mobile phone market is a flash in the pan, just released when the heat is really high, but in a group are attracted to appearance level to the consumers of the later,In the mobile phone market, the popularity of Xiaomi Civi has declined significantly.Why is that?After discarking the appearance level performance, its internal comprehensive configuration does fall behind other manufacturers, especially in the case of xiaomi’s own mobile phone products, which will indeed lead consumers to be attracted by other mobile phone products.After all, in an era when mobile phones also have important entertainment functions, female consumers also have a large demand for games and start to pay attention to the performance of mobile phones.So why are they attracted to other products?Of course, it is because of the performance configuration, and we should know that consumers will compare when they look at mobile phone products, especially in the case of many official flagship stores now, even online stores, after clicking into the home page, they will be dizzy by many products.And selected mobile phone products because the price is not cheap, may let the mind of the consumer have contrast, and millet civi in addition to the level of advantage in appearance, and feel the advantage, in terms of performance of carrying Xiao dragon 778 g, it did also has a lot of market competition, like millet 10 s, or mobile phone products such as millet 11 youth version,It is difficult to compare performance in the mobile market.And front we said the most began to just released heat millet civi this product market is not poor, but like the appearance of the level of consumers are less, it reflected the nature of the mobile phone manufacturers products, in the eyes of consumers, millet still has a very big price tag,Obviously, at that time, Xiaomi Civi began to lose popularity in the mobile phone market due to its low cost performance.But now it may be in order to develop the market, or the new generation of Mi Civi products are ready, so the price of mi Civi, the female mobile phone market product of MI Civi, has suddenly dropped more than 500 now, which is the first time for mi Civi to reduce its price?After the price reduction, The cost performance of Xiaomi Civi is indeed much higher. There is indeed a market for buying Snapdragon 778G in the early 2000’s, and xiaomi Civi’s appearance level and feel performance are indeed not bad, plus other aspects of the configuration is also very good, now we can really consider buying.As for its front-shooting strength, not only the pixel performance is very good, the shooting performance is really attractive, and it also has the advantage of soft light selfie, the shot picture performance is really better, and the ranking refresh rate of 120Hz, it does have a lot of market appeal.Besides, the battery also has a capacity of 4500 mah. Besides, the snapdragon 778G itself is not high in consumption and is not suitable for high consumption. The daily performance is really good and the battery life is definitely not bad.But such a mobile phone product even cut, is also more suitable for female consumers to obtain, in the mobile phone market is attractive for male consumers is not large, if also brought gifts such as bought up, after all the advantages and disadvantages, is pretty good, but for boys to play this kind of high consumption is not very appropriate.