This is an emergency!Swat officers shot and killed

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‘–‘ Request to shoot! ”–‘ Approved! ‘January 29 at about 12 o ‘clock in the morning, in longyan high-speed Yongding branch Yaobeiling tunnel, after such a dialogue, the tunnel rang out a clear gun, then, a water calf fell to the ground.Waiting for a long time in the side of the high-speed traffic police, high-speed law enforcement, maintenance and other departments of the staff then came forward, together with the cattle carried on the car away, once the traffic control of the road also restored smooth.Why are there gunshots on the highway?Originally, the same morning around 10:30, Longyan high-speed traffic police four brigade police patrol to Yongding branch Yaobeiling tunnel near, found a calf ran to the highway, crazy stampede, sometimes pacing forward, sometimes retrograde running back, past vehicles have to avoid, very dangerous.Cattle in the tunnel, provided by the police patrol police immediately report to the command center, request high-speed law enforcement, maintenance department to joint disposal.At the scene, the patrol police and the road, maintenance team, cattle owners to the startled cattle launched a closed capture.During this time, for more than an hour, the frightened cow was in a frenzied state, sprinting about and refusing to let anyone come near.Traffic control, photo courtesy of police the situation became more urgent as the cow ran into the Yaopui Ling tunnel.After the instructions of the superior, the scene police decisively in the tunnel entrance control control, to prevent the frightened calf and vehicle traffic accident, at the same time, the arrangement of vehicles at the exit of the tunnel to intercept, to prevent frightened cattle again run out of the tunnel to increase the difficulty of arrest.After repeated attempts to approach and control the cow failed, the police decided to shoot the animal after reporting to their superiors for approval.Under the condition of sealing off the scene and ensuring safety, local special police officers shot decisively to kill the startled cow and dragged away from the scene.Then came the opening scene.At the scene, the owner of the cow kept thanking the police for their assistance, which enabled him to deal with the frightened calf decisively and avoid causing more damage to the passing vehicles and people on the scene.Soon, yongding branch highway traffic back to normal.Subsequently, the high-speed traffic police department also required maintenance units to strengthen the management of the guardrail along the line, to avoid similar situations to happen again.Source: FM1007 Fujian Traffic Broadcasting, Haixia News editor: Dong Junzi