What are the main disadvantages of public agents?

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Many people think that a public proxy provides the same security as a private proxy, but this is a mistake.Public agents do not have many advantages over private agents.You can choose an anonymous proxy with the desired IP address, but a public proxy has many disadvantages.First disadvantage – variability Some anonymous proxies are misconfigured.When the administrator realizes that his agent is being used as a public agent, he will turn off access and you will no longer be able to use your usual IP address.Second disadvantage – low access speed It is not always possible to find a public agent with high access speed.Most of the public agents are slow.Third disadvantage – Non-anonymous The other major and most serious disadvantage of public proxy servers is the lack of the possibility of providing complete anonymity to users.There may be several public proxy servers that can provide you with complete anonymity (most of which are paid for), but keep your data secure.Fourth disadvantage — data transmitted over an unencrypted channel can intercept the data you transmit.Some public proxies encrypt connections, but they have to pay a fee.The amount of data you transfer is also ambiguous, and some agents may limit it.