Appreciation of the works of the artist “Yunada S” : the fantasy world, the fantastic and beautiful blue landscape illustration

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Artist: Yunakana S UID: 3199975 Today I’m going to share a group of Japanese paintings, all of which are beautiful scenery illustrations. Let’s enjoy them together.I like to draw imaginary landscapes and background illustrations with living things. I have also drawn Oriental Project, Hatsune Miku and other human illustrations before.The colors of this group of landscape illustrations are mainly healing blue. The painting style is fantastic and beautiful, and the atmosphere of the picture is full, making people happy.Artist: Yunannais UID: 3199975 Climbing Artist: Yunannais UID: 3199975Artist: Inakana S UID: 3199975 Artist: Inakana s UID: 3199975Inakana S UID: 3199975 Real place Artist: Inakana S UID: 3199975 Artist: Inakana s UID: 31999753199975 Ruins Artist: Yunanais UID: 3199975 Residence Artist: Yunanais UID: 3199975 From that city to that sky3199975 original World Artist: Yunanada S UID: 3199975Artist: Yunanada S UID: 3199975Today’s illustrator works are shared here, thank you for watching.To see other styles of landscape/scene illustration, please visit here:Delicate lifelike scene illustrations, immortal scenic wallpaper with different photosynthetic efficiency to render the same scene, the scene of the different face brings different atmosphere feeling gorgeous glow in the distance, the clouds covered the sky, the picture is full of sweet and romantic breath painter “ワ ベ マ” art appreciation, aesthetic artistic conception, the fantasy style is gorgeous sky scenery illustration painting skill books recommend:Corner of the World: A Hand-drawn Watercolor Landscape Illustration Tutorial consists of 6 chapters.Chapter 1 introduces the commonly used watercolor illustration drawing tools;Chapter 2 explains the basic knowledge of watercolor illustration, including color knowledge and painting techniques;Chapter 3 explains the painting of flowers;Chapter 4 – Chapter 6 explains the landscape painting, respectively for the basic, advanced and improved.Each case in this book extracts difficult content to help readers learn better.What do your friends think of this set of illustrations?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section!Like please a lot of praise attention!If you want to know more about Sunshine, please come to Sunshine