Brazil is one of nearly 60 countries where the omicron variant, which is more contagious, has been found

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Since the discovery of the novel coronavirus variant omicron in November last year, multiple subvariants have been detected globally.Among them, BA.2 has been found in Brazil and other nearly 60 countries, which is more infectious, causing great concern in the scientific community.In early February, the First batch of cases of the Omicron secondary variant ba.2 were detected by the Cruz Foundation, Brazil’s Novel Coronavirus research institute, with two cases in Rio de Janeiro and one in Santa Catarina state.Brazil’s Ministry of Health reported that it had been notified of seven cases, including another three in Sao Paulo state and one in Rio de Janeiro.The Kruse Foundation says there are too few cases to conclude that BA.2 is endemic locally.Brazilian virus experts said omicron and BA.2 caused the same symptoms but needed more time to assess.The impact of new strains on vaccine effectiveness is also a concern for researchers.Experts believe that ba.2 may not be the last variant, and it is important to maintain genomic monitoring to observe the risk of new variants.According to available data, patients infected with BA.2 in Denmark account for more than 60% of all new COVID-19 cases.Experts noted that infection with omicron has proven to have a lower risk of severe illness and death compared to previous Novel Coronavirus strains.However, high transmission rates have led to a significant increase in hospitalizations, and intensive care units in at least eight Brazilian states and the federal district of Brasilia are now operating at more than 80 percent bed occupancy.Further research is now needed to see if people infected with Omicron can become reinfected with BA.2, because the two are so different that a cross-immune response may not be as effective as the protection researchers had hoped for, notes Levie, a virologist at the Institute of Tropical Medicine at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.Limpopo has seen the largest number of cases of a variant of the Omicron subtype ba.2 virus in Seven of South Africa’s nine provinces.The mutated strain is spreading rapidly in South Africa.The UK Health And Safety Agency (HSE) announced on 21 January that the novel Coronavirus variant Ba.2 of the Omicron strain has been identified as a “mutant strain under investigation” (VUI) by the HSE. The number of cases of ba.2 infection reported in the UK and other countries is increasing.Since 17 November 2021, some 40 countries and territories have submitted more than 8,000 sequences of the BA.2 strain to the Global Initiative for Influenza Data Sharing, a platform to share genome sequence resources, according to the UK’s Health and Safety Agency.It is not known where the strain originated.The first ba.2 series of the Global Initiative for Influenza Data Sharing platform was submitted from the Philippines, with more than 6,000 samples from Denmark and more than 100 samples uploaded from countries including India, Sweden and Singapore., Spain and other countries the United States on February 6, local time, Spanish galicia regional health authorities, the report said the district found a case of Mr Mick Dijon subtype mutant strain co 2 cases of infection, at the same time in the district has 15 cases of suspected the mutant strain infection is under a state of study and the 16 cases belong to the same chain of transmission.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a statement that at least 127 people in more than 20 states, including Arizona, California, Texas and Washington, have been found to have the omicron subtype ba.2 variant of the novel coronavirus.The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Singapore announced on 28 January that as of 25 January, 198 new cases of infection with the novel Coronavirus strain BA.2 have been detected in Singapore, including 48 local cases and 150 imported cases.The new Health ministry says further data and research are needed to fully understand the impact of the BA.2 subtype strain on the severity of the outbreak, transmissibility and human immunity.Sources: Phoenix TV news station, CCTV news