Notice on the activity track of a close contact in Jiangcheng District

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At 22:00 on February 17, 2022, Jiangcheng District received a letter of assistance from Feng, the contact person associated with Li from Zhuhai. After receiving the letter, Jiangcheng District attached great importance to it, and the District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters immediately launched an emergency response.After a joint epidemiological investigation by health, public security and disease control departments, relevant measures have been taken for key people identified and key places have been controlled and disinfected.The nucleic acid test result of Feng was negative, now its recent specific activity track is announced as follows: February 15 at 21:30 from Zhaoqing to Yangjiang by car.At 1 o ‘clock in the morning of February 16, I drove to a porridge stall near Yuhuan Market, Jiangcheng District, Yangjiang City (qing jie isolated night snack stall) for midnight snack.At 1:30 a.m., I drove back to jinguashan Ten Lane home to rest.5:30 drive out to pick up friends.8:00, arrive at a friend’s house, Dongyi Lane, Xiazhai Road, Juntang, Jiangcheng District, stay for about 2 hours.Arrive at Yangjiang Berman Hotel (old Huajian Hotel) at 10:30, stay for 3 hours and leave.14:00 return to Dongyi Lane, Xiazhai Road, Juntang, Jiangcheng District, stay for 3 hours and leave.Arrive at the 4th floor of a hotel in Xindu Huizhai at 17:00, stay for about 4 hours and leave.21:30 to Xindu Hui Junge KTV336 room singing, stay 5 hours leave.At 2:30 am on February 17th, I arrived at the night snack stall of Pinggang Laosa Porridge, sunshine Madrid shop, Jiangcheng District. I stayed for about an hour and left. Then I took a taxi back to my home in No.10 Lane of Jinguashan for a rest.16:30 Drive to jiangcheng District, Juntang Xiazhai Road friend’s home for dinner.In order to better protect the health of the general public, Jiangcheng District has taken measures to control the people concerned in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Meanwhile, those who crossed or overlapped with the activities of the close contact during the above period must report to the village (neighborhood) committee and work unit for personal protection.Nucleic acid sampling shall be conducted at the nucleic acid sampling sites of Juntang Xiazhai, Gangli Sub-district, Xinduhui Times Square, Chengnan Sub-district and Bermann Hotel (old Huajian Hotel), Nan ‘en Sub-district from 7:00 am to 12:00 am on February 18, 2022 (special warning: those who have been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine within 48 hours shall postpone the sampling).Wear a mask at all times and keep a distance of one meter to avoid crowding.Jiangcheng District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters Office reminds the general public, who had close contact with Feng in the above time, immediately report to the local town (street), village (neighborhood) committee or work unit, cooperate with the implementation of epidemic control measures, self-health monitoring and nucleic acid testing.In case of fever, cough and other symptoms, go to the fever clinic of the hospital in time.In case of concealment and serious consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law.Please do not panic, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, enhance personal protection awareness at all times, actively vaccinate against COVID-19, wash hands frequently, take plenty of ventilation, wear masks when going out, and maintain proper social distancing.We thank the people for their support and cooperation in our work.Office of JIANGcheng COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, February 18, 2022