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Recently, a number of online rumors spread on the Internet, and Shanghai has refuted them.Neighborhood committee selling 200,000 boxes of donated materials?Shanghai police: Relevant information is not true Reporter learned from Shanghai Public Security Bureau, on April 6, the online spread of “neighborhood committee resold 200,000 boxes of donated materials” and other false information.According to the police investigation, Mr. Chen (33), the author of the false information, made false statements saying that the food was donated and the neighborhood committee kept the money from the sale in order to attract attention and attract public attention.At present, Chen mou is punished by public security organs according to law because of picking quarrels and provoking trouble.The police reminded the public that the Internet is not a place outside the law, and the public should obtain information on epidemic prevention through official channels, not believe or spread rumors, do not make up or forward unverified information, and jointly maintain a clean cyberspace and epidemic prevention order.Many residential areas in Shanghai announced the release of lockdown?Shanghai Police:At a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control held in the morning of April 6, Gu Honghui, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Government and director of the Office of the Municipal Leading group for Epidemic Prevention and control, said that according to the nucleic acid screening on April 4, after comprehensive analysis and judgment by experts, the Municipal leading group for COVID-19 prevention and control made a study decision,Another nucleic acid or antigen test was carried out citywide on April 6.Until the completion of this test, the city will continue to implement zoning control.However, many fans sent an “unseal notice” to some communities in Shanghai, asking whether it was true.Combing found that these notices mainly from Yangpu district, Putuo district, Fengxian district.To this end, the Shanghai refutation platform has been a dependency street town to verify.A notice of “Lifting the closure management” issued by Wanxin Neighborhood Committee of Yangpu District shows that the community, Lane 740, Jiangpu Road, has completed the screening of relevant personnel and environment, and the closed loop management will end at 6 o ‘clock on April 6, 2022.But you still need to do a good job of 12-day independent health management.The date of signature is April 6, 2022.In this regard, Yangpu district feedback Shanghai refute rumors platform, the notice is the negligence of the neighborhood committee mistakenly posted, has been removed.Yangpu District explained that after verification, the community had adopted 2+12 seal control gesture management in accordance with the policy requirements at that time due to the occurrence of positive cases. During the period, the policy was newly adjusted to 7+7, and the community also adjusted to carry out 7+7 seal management according to the new public opinion control gesture.At 6 am this morning, the 7-day closure management of the community came to an end, and the neighborhood committee neglected to post the original 2+12 unsealing notice, which aroused the concern of netizens.At present, the neighborhood committee has timely removed the notice, and re-informed the community to strictly comply with the epidemic control requirements, all residents to stay at home closed management.All relevant units have been required to strictly implement the city’s requirements and deployment of epidemic prevention and control to avoid similar incidents.Another unseal notice came from a community in Putuo.”The notification letter” said that “the building has completed nucleic acid tests for all staff, and the test results meet the conditions for lifting the closure and was unsealed on April 5.”Shanghai Rumor Platform noticed that the notice was sent to Building no. 5, Building No. 9 and Building No. 25 respectively. The date of signing was April 5, and the position and Angle of the seals on the three notices were exactly the same.In response, putuo district said the information in the “notice” was false and the public security department has been involved in an investigation.In addition, The Shanghai Rumor refuting platform learned from fengxian district that there is currently no community in Fengxian unsealed, and some residents may see online rumors and mistakenly believe them to be true.In fact, the press conference on June 6 made it clear that after all the tests are completed, the government will determine follow-up screening compliance and prevention and control measures after comprehensive analysis based on screening results and community control scope, and relevant information will be released in a timely manner.Please wait patiently, understand, cooperate and support the containment work.Did Baymax fall to his death in North CAI and Qingpu?Shanghai police: Relevant information is not true On April 6, several wechat chat records and the same content video were circulated online, claiming that a “Baymax” from Qingpu was pushed to his death from the 29th floor, and some claimed that the video was a “Baymax” from Beicai jumping from a building.On the same day, reporters and Shanghai police verified that there were no falling incidents in Qingpu and Beicai area of Pudong on The 6th, and the relevant information is not true.Please do not forward unconfirmed news at will, and jointly maintain a healthy network order.Shanghai Yangpu blind elderly two days without food?A blind man in his 70s, who has been without food for two days, cried for help through an iron gate in Kangjiang Street, Yangpu District, Shanghai.On April 6, the reporter learned from Yangpu district that the old man surnamed Xu did have a visual disability, but he could go up and down the building alone without using blind sticks.On April 3, the elderly’s neighborhood committee sent the vegetable parcel to her home for collection.On April 6, streets cadres, cadres from rc, LouZuChang, representatives of local residents to see the old man home, the old man reported on April 3, received the vegetables package has edible part, and don’t eat, at home there is rice, rice dumplings, vegetables, meat, eggs and other food and seasoning, rc cadres to check the refrigerator there is food, there is no hungry condition.In this regard, the police station has visited to verify the content of the post, confirmed that the post is the old man’s sister Xu, during the epidemic containment period has never gone out.The old man said that he had never called his sister, who did not know the real situation, the post content is not true, the post has been deleted.And this misunderstanding also caused neighbors to help each other, always close to the neighbor because of the recent closed doors mistakenly thought true, early morning at home cooked hot food hot rice, trying to send rice to the elderly emergency.The following cadres of the neighborhood committee will further strengthen their care for the elderly, arrange special personnel to visit the elderly every day, understand their daily life, timely help to solve their life needs, and patiently and carefully do a good job of communication and interpretation, psychological counseling during the epidemic.Source: @Police-people Direct Train – Shanghai, People’s Daily client, editor: Xia Huiru