Spring ploughing new weather: chemical fertilizer reduce quantity of arable land to improve quality

2022-07-03 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Harbin, April 4 (reporter Liang Dong, Tang Tiefu)”With it this year, we can use nearly a third less fertilizer than before.””Said Li Xudong, a villager in Xiwo Village, Wuniutu Town, Meili Daur region, Qiqihar city, Heilongjiang Province.Recently, Li Xudong received a “Heilongjiang province soil testing formula fertilization recommendation card”, which is full of various data indicators.”Soil testing and formula fertilization can not only reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer, reduce the cost of farming, but also get the nutrients needed for the land. Farming is becoming more scientific.”Li Xudong said.The recent rise in agricultural supplies prices has prompted more and more farmers in Heilongjiang province, like Li xudong, to pay more attention to scientific farming and fertilization, which has not only reduced the cost of agricultural supplies, but also improved the quality of arable land.”Soil testing formula fertilization is based on soil testing and fertilizer field experiments, through the black soil ‘physical examination’, ‘prescription’ for crops, improve fertilizer utilization, reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, reduce soil and environmental pollution.”Qiqihar City Meili district agricultural comprehensive service center director Meng Lingqun said.It is understood that the soil test formula fertilization so that the amount of chemical fertilizer in Meiris district decreased 5.01% year on year, the comprehensive utilization rate of chemical fertilizer increased to 45%.In the yard of the Chaoyue Modern Corn Cooperative in Longjiang County, Heilongjiang Province, farmers are busy repairing agricultural machinery and preparing fertilizer and other agricultural materials.”This year, our cooperative, relying on the technical support of heilongjiang province soil and fertilizer station, established soil testing formula and fertilizer station, and adopted side deep fertilization technology.”Wei Gang, the director of the cooperative, said the plan was to use 70 jin of fertilizer per mu this year, 30 jin less than traditional fertilizer.According to local conditions, according to the needs of fertilization, rely on science and technology.In beidahuang Group 851 farm Co., Ltd. soil fertilizer laboratory center, the reporter saw the technical personnel are on the collection of soil alkali hydrolysis nitrogen test.”This year, we sampled 500 plots in six management areas. The collected soil was pre-treated by air drying, sieving and crushing, and then tested for alkali-hydrolyzed nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, organic matter and pH content.”Beidahuang Group 8511 farm limited company soil fertilizer laboratory center director Wang Xiaoqing said.”Our farm has taken measures such as soil testing, formula fertilization and heavy metal detection to strengthen the protection of black soil. Through these measures, the application of chemical fertilizer is more scientific and reasonable, saving costs and increasing benefits. It is estimated that the yield can be increased by 5% to 10% per mu, and the income of farmers can be increased by 25 to 30 yuan per mu.”Wang Xiaoqing said.