Then 687- Anything is possible: the choice, do not regret, just trials and hardships

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The weather in Taizhou is very strange. It seems that the temperature in winter is not so low, but it just feels so cold.Spring has come, let you feel it when swing sleeve, and then quietly farewell.The dying flowers on the wayside branches will tell you that it has come and left its mark.Then the weather began to warm up.Let it be hot, but it will not be hot for two days, and it will fall like a sheep without ceasing rain.Unwilling to give up once a day, again cold attack people.Then repeat the cycle a few more times.So many people have to be afraid of a popular symbol – the cold.I am already well, while some of my colleagues and students are still struggling with a cold.This weather, alternately hot and cold, really became a catalyst to destroy rotten pull dry.So in this advice to friends, must have a good rest, pay attention to the changeable weather, pay attention to warm and cold.The class leader has been feeling pretty good about himself for weeks.Students still like me this teacher, good teacher and helpful friend, I should be counted.I usually from the discipline, study, life, safety, health, personal quality cultivation of all aspects, to them a full range of exhortations and encouragement.Just when I took over, the school said to me: these children are not very obedient, must follow closely, otherwise it is easy to cause trouble.Fortunately, nothing happened. In fact, in my opinion, if we put our heart and soul into it and did it right, we should be all right.I want them to come together, more like a family, not like a bunch of pieces of sand;I also want them to behave like students, not like rascals, whatever they do.I want to give them the most profound knowledge input, so that they can be influenced by good, so that when they go to the society, they will take fewer detdetments, but also more rich and full, more open-minded and tolerant, more with a human vision and calm, to walk their own life.I don’t want any of my students to fall behind because I’m their head teacher.No matter how naughty, I have the responsibility to turn them back.Buddha can generalize all living beings, why can’t we generalize students?Buddha sitting in the heart, see the nature of Buddha.I know, this is a very difficult road, but also a full of unknown, may be full of wind and rain of the road, this road, will be doomed to drift, even helpless sad.However, since the choice, they only trials and hardships.I believe anything is possible.I like my students, I hope they can learn well, to be valuable, have a dream, have a passion for good people!