2022 Junior Accounting Exam allocation principles

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Hello, everybody! Today is March 17th, it’s half of March!The exam is not far away!The exam is 51 days away!Today to chat about the examination location distribution of the problem 22 years of primary accounting examination location distribution?Primary accounting examination executes attribution ground management, accord with the personnel that sign up condition, on-the-job of be on duty is registered in its work seat, in school student is registered in its school register seat, other personnel is registered in its census register seat or residence place.Some regions also require candidates to provide residence permits, social security payment proof and other materials, so candidates are advised to choose the registration place according to the requirements.In principle, the examination centers shall be located in the major or secondary technical colleges or designated schools of the national college entrance examination in the central cities above the provincial municipality level or where the Administrative Commissioner’s Office is located.For instance the exam building that finance and economy kind college, finance bureau designates.However, the specific test site should be based on your admission ticket.As the number of applicants varies from region to region, the test batches and the seating arrangements may vary.Due to your registration time problem, you will be arranged in the new district: for example, Chongzhou and Xinjin district of Chengdu. If there are not enough test sites, they will be arranged in these similar places.22 years primary accounting examination room how to sit 1, if the place is in the school classroom.Because the exam is paperless, it is in the multimedia room of the school, the position is separated by two people sitting.Generally speaking, the examination environment is relatively quiet.2, if the location is in the prescribed building building.Because the exam itself does not require the whole street to be quiet like the college entrance examination, you may encounter the exam site on the street, there will be a horn sound.As for the seats, there is usually a partition between the two test computers to prevent you from looking at the screen.3. If the location is in the specified other machine room.Generally the computer is old and needs to pay attention to, the seat is also in accordance with the normal separation test.Special reminder: in the examination process, such as machine equipment, network, electricity abnormal situation, candidates should raise their hands in time, please invigilator coordination to solve, shall not be disposed of by themselves, is strictly prohibited to shut down or restart the examination machine.If the time for answering is lost due to machine and equipment malfunction and other objective reasons, the examinee can make up the time request to the invigilator on the spot, and the invigilator will deal with it according to relevant regulations.After the examination, no longer accept candidates not on the spot to make up time requirements.There are still 51 days before the exam, but in addition to the weekend and impossible to study for 8 hours a day, we still have to seize the time to prepare for the exam. Finally, I wish you all a smooth landing ~