Lianyungang, Jiangsu: Be careful!Scammers are taking advantage of the Winter Olympics

2022-07-04 0 By

The winter Olympic Games is coming soon cheater also to ceng heat everybody at the same time shout applause must also stay a mind to guard against telecom fraud!During the Winter Olympics, fraudsters will fabricate false information about winning the Winter Olympics. People will be “lucky” to receive such “winning” information when browsing the web or chatting online, telling them that they have won a big prize in the Winter Olympics reward draw and fabricating eye-catching prizes.When the citizens who believe the truth contact with the redemption party, the other party will need to deposit money, pay mailing costs and other excuses, asking citizens to remit money first.When the remittance to the first sum of money, the swindler will also be in charge, tax and other items, continue to deceive the public remittance, until “eat dry squeeze”.2 Fake Winter Olympics official website fraud criminals through the establishment of a fake official website of the Winter Olympics, the so-called “lucky draw”, “Winter Olympics souvenir gift”, “Winter Olympics limited edition commemorative stamps flash sale”, “Winter Olympics commemorative coins snap up” and other activities on the website, lured online registration.And swindler implant pilfer number Trojan horse or virus program in the website already, once the citizen operates according to the path that the website sets, can fall into the trap of swindler, bring about personal information to divulge, even the money in bank card is turned away.Police remind a variety of lottery activities related to the Winter Olympic Games, the best login winter Olympic Games official website or to the authority to verify.Two, meet the need to pay in advance “advance payment” “deposit” “handling fee” and so on, the possibility of fraud is great, do not believe.Third, do not easily click the unknown source of links and web pages, do not easily disclose their identity information, deposit information, bank card information on the Internet.Source: Donghai Police