Yi Chen on the xuan air fly star four overall double star will sit

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What is the double star will sit when the mountain pan and to the disc of the current prosperous star at the same time fly to sit mountain, known as “double star will sit”.Because of the mountain pan, pan wang star are sitting, so the water is not wang and mountain wang, mountain tube people, water pipe wealth and silk, this pattern of the main wealth is not prosperous people.If there is water on the side, and there is a mountain outside the water, then there are both fortunes, Dante than wealth, if there is only mountain without water, then the population is strong, the resources are scarce.Double star will sit the pattern of the mountain, so also known as the “mountain” of the bureau.Double star will sit suitable terrain double star will sit pattern, must back water bureau, because Ding CAI when wang Xing are behind.The most suitable terrain of this pattern is pond and lake behind, and behind, there are far peaks, hills and mounds, etc., and in front, there are broad fields.The yangzhai of the city encounters this kind of pattern: after cursive open space, pool, garden, what have tall building again at the back is beautiful.If there is no pool, garden, can be the main road instead, or there is a back door to the main road.To building height, the building in front of best is some lower than itself, behind is low first after tall, if itself building is 6 floors, in front of had better be 5 or 6, behind is 4, 5, again hind is 7, 8 above.Overall grasp principle: the first water after the mountain for the bureau, if there is no mountain water, wealth and less ding;Where there are mountains and no water, wandding will lose money.When the rising star of the mountain pan and the rising star of the dish fly to sit on the mountain at the same time, it is called “double star will sit”. This pattern is not prosperous, commonly known as “the mountain”.Yi Chen, born in 1962, xiangyin County, Hunan Province.(Hong Kong) President of China Institute of Applied Yi-ology, executive director of the World I Ching Society, 38th generation successor of Yang Gong Sanyuan Geography Yi-zi Mifa, 8th generation successor of Shao Ban Kanyu, disciple of Liang Chao, a contemporary leading figure in xuankongfei star.Mr. Yi Chen abandoned politics for more than 20 years and devoted himself to the study of metaphysics and yi theory. He has written more than ten classic works, such as “Xuankongfeixing Course”, “Secret Zhubian Kanyu” and “Sanyuan Geography Secrets”, and many of his works have been included as designated textbooks by China Institute of Applied Yi Learning and other yi learning institutions.Is one of the few contemporary can use a number of different schools of theory and practice of the combination of kanyu.