But every marriage feelings more and more cold, inevitably with marriage palace damage can not get rid of!

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Teacher hello, would like to invite you to see the marriage, I know I am 11 years object, twelve years of marriage, have 15 years older daughter, 17 years gave birth to the youngest daughter, 20 years to three births, want is a boy, but after she gave birth to son, have gradually started to feel the object the degree of concern to me less and less, and the two of us now relationship, like in the fork road,Feeling more walk more far, every day in the home the communication between us less and less, even said that sometimes can not say a word all day, I am not sure whether he is cheating, also don’t know we this relationship can maintain how long now, but, after all, we have three children, and I don’t want to so had been cold, want to ask the teacher between us can not survive,Will we get divorced?My daughter is born in 1990, he is born in 1988, we are guangxi Nanning, I hope the teacher can help me see, thank you!Bu master analysis reply: your birthday for (kunming made) gengwu year, gengchen month, Gui-mao day, Gui-hai.Universiade: Qimao, Wuyin, Ding Chou, Bingzi, Yihai, Jia Xu, Guiyou, Renshen.Born in 90 years horse, roadside soil life, now 32 years old, 2021 into the third son universiad.See the original bureau five lines of xi cream: main raw decyl water day on Chen on soil loss, for wet soil, sit frame wood ground, air-dried than raw helps a seal, hai water of wealth to help the body, when Lord while in power, but not to also do not enveloped, especially in the gan no adventitious roots, horoscope and weak, with India than with, namely shuimu is pleased with, the rest to avoid.The eight characters have no official kill, Chen is the official, but Chen MAO damage, damage the marriage palace also hurt her husband star, on behalf of the emotional is not easy to stability, often there will be emotional trauma.The day sitting MAO wood god is jealous god, and sometimes the hai aquatic MAO wood, often easy to pick and choose her husband, gossiping, eyes always stare at the shortcomings of others, easy to be too mean words, between husband and wife is mostly from this.If you can talk less in your relationship and not focus on his bad points, your marriage will be much less conflicted.In addition, the column has a dry water than rob to sit down and help hai Water, often easy to have feelings will be prone to third party information, which you have to prevent hand.Your husband’s eight characters (qianmade) year of hundred days, Yichou month, geng Chen day, c zi.Universiad: Bingyin, Dingmao, Wuchen, Qisi, gengwu, Xinwei, Renshen, Guyou.Born in 1988, he is a dragon. He is 34 years old now and entered the Hundred Days of Great Luck in 2014.See the original bureau of the five elements of joy bogey: gengjin day Lord was born in ugly soil on the order, and sit in the earth to be born, year column dry branch of a gas of the Lord India born, but gengjin day Lord in the ground only more gas root, ugly for the Treasury, belongs to the weak life of the Yin Wang body, this life is taken than robbing gold printing for use, money wood can be in god, the rest of the fire and water for god.Heaven dry yi Geng, yi wood is money fit, on behalf of their own will have a bit of a virtuous wife, life will have a stable marriage.And the sun column earth support, on behalf of the wife will be more concerned about their considerate care, but Chen to avoid god, it is inevitable that some “care too much”, after marriage feelings are easy to collision.Feng shui is, you two, a woman is soil gold, a man with god, his is the soil, the wife of avoid is god, and the year column, a sound, a, a big tree by the roadside soil between phase grams of the meaning of each other, the roadside soil is a little weak, pleased with god cannot be complementary to each other, only in the man, and phase grams there, it is difficult to truly appreciate each other between each other, mutual reciprocity and mutual assistance.Another, in the case of 8, Chen since the punishment, you ugly noon phase, phase, especially, with the marriage palace after marriage contradiction more easily, hurt each other, difficult to live in harmony, but because e j, YiGeng of reason, and show that you have two people with deep fate, because there is no punishment, at least not easily separated, sulky, is for sure,The two of you, in eight words alone, are generally matched.Again from the transport point of view, the woman is now c child transport, and the original bureau of zimao marriage palace, marriage palace damage, marriage environment is unstable, middle-aged after jia Xu, Decyou transport, and two easy to turbulent marriage marriage, and the rest of the universiad to is gentle many.And the man is now a hundred days movement, ground branch Chen Chen since punishment, punishment of the marriage palace, on behalf of his marriage now lead more depressed, always self-entangled, some things on marriage let him into self-contradiction, marriage is not ideal.After the middle age, there will be a marriage crisis when the Gengwu Universiad, and it is easy to have a wife taken away, while the rest of the universiad is relatively smooth.In addition, from the character of eight, only one of the men in the character of eight is money and fit, which represents that the man is a more specific treatment of feelings, in the emotional character is worth relying on.There is a saying that the fate of husband and wife in this life, is your five hundred years of passing in return.Marriage is not a game, today I give you together, tomorrow is not comfortable I will change.My advice to you? You’d better talk less at home later, mind your own mouth, shouldn’t say don’t say, the said, in a nutshell, a communication each other, don’t the cold war, the quarrel between husband and wife always have a head, you don’t want to divorce, you will have ready to sacrifice for marriage, who first what the bow, is in order to maintain the marriage,You bow his first bow who can, there is no need to really for some things and every day to hold a grudge, meet cold hum.Otherwise, no matter how good a couple is, they can’t afford this.Author: Dream predestination yi Guang jian.(All the articles of master Bu are published after consultation with the master of life) people stand between heaven and earth, everything is fate, know fate, obey fate, win;He who does not know his fate will lose.Do not believe the fate of the fate of the people, or will be defeated!Can you make money?Are you cut out for business?Will you ever get divorced?Does your woman want you or break you?Can you find a good marriage or not?Which direction should you go?The bureau has a clear answer to all of this.Pictures from the network!