A mess of contract management?A fully automatic management system has been developed with Excel

2022-07-06 0 By

The contract invoice is too many, the management is in a mess, it is really impossible to manage.So often make mistakes, in order to prevent contract management mistakes, use Excel form to prepare a full automatic contract management system, containing formulas, but also with a budget warning!Johngo Contract information registration form: Basic contract information registration and modification, simple and intuitive multi-dimensional information registration, easy to expand analysis in the future.Please read the caption annotation when filling in the form. Please do not change the form structure at will!Contract receipt and payment registration Contract information quick query enter the contract number can quickly query the contract information and receipt and payment flow!It is mainly used for quick check of payment and information retrieval of vouchers and invoices!The full cash flow analysis realizes the information collection of the full capital flow through the full coverage of the contract income and expenditure, which can reflect the cash flow situation in real time and generate charts automatically. At the same time, it can also select any year for inquiry.Preliminary analysis……Well, I’m not going to show you the rest of this because I’m running out of space.