Behind Huang Xiaoming’s divorce: Yang Ying is a tender model and earns 200 million yuan a year to exceed her ex-husband

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Unexpectedly, even celebrities can not escape the seven-year itch, so that some netizens call it “the biggest melon before the year”.On January 28, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy posted, “We are grateful for all we have in the past, but we are still family in the future!”Later, their respective studios released a statement explaining that the divorce is amicable, that the marriage has ended, that all relevant procedures have been completed, and that they will raise their children together.This means that they have ended their seven-year marriage.Event a boarded out immediately, and trigger netizens, “will certainly from early know, but never can this year”, “was doomed to early, but has been waiting for division of property to solve”, “happy New Year to leader, treasures will be plentiful, future, everything goes well, peace of money”, “we will be behind you always support you,Just go ahead and see your efforts.”In fact, as early as around 2019, it was reported that Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy divorced, but it has not been confirmed.At the time, one of the respondents said on a question-and-answer platform, “They did have a relationship, but they didn’t get divorced because of the breakdown of their relationship. It was probably for reasons related to asset protection.”In the comments section below, one user joked, “Squat a prophet.”2015 years, huang xiaoming and Angelababy wedding in Shanghai, the star-studded, heroism to the table of open seats 72, more than 2000 people to participate in, even chefs from all over the country were hundreds, yundi li sicong, “as the best man, li bingbing, NiNi, He Chao surplus as a bridesmaid, wang baoqiang, wujing as a moonbeam netizens are calling,”Half the entertainment world is here.”The wedding dress was made by Dior and Paris Embroiderer, and the tiara was Chaumet museum’s jewel. There were also limited shoes and a 2.5-meter-high cake.Even the box was designed by Angelababy’s best friend Biqi Guo herself.”My baby, you are finished,” Huang xiaoming famously declared during the lavish ceremony.I’ve never been better to a woman, except for my mom.I want nothing but the best in the world in front of you. What you like is what I like, and what you wish is what I wish.”Can once have much dazzling, now have much lonely.In January last year, the romance between Huang xiaoming and Li Fei was once again exposed with the rise of Sister Who Waves the Wind, which also involved Angelababy, and was described by netizens as a “third person in charge”.This prompted Angelababy to come forward and use the name “Mr Huang” to address Huang, sparking heated debate at the time and fueling rumors of a “divorce”.Only a year later, the two men put an end to the phrase.After falling in love with Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy’s popularity continues to rise. Speaking of, Huang Xiaoming’s debut time is much earlier than Angelababy’s.Huang xiaoming graduated from The Beijing Film Academy, known as “the cradle of star actors”. He was in the acting class of grade 96 with Chen Kun and others, and is known as the “Three Musketeers of The North Film”.Huang xiaoming gained a lot of fame in 2001 when he played emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty (206 BD-221 BC) in The movie “The Son of Heaven”.In 2007, after the conclusion of the third part of “King of Kings”, Huang Xiaoming, who gained the title of popular young student, signed a contract with Huayi Brothers.Just as Huayi brothers was preparing to go public and planned to increase capital and shares, Huang xiaoming bought 1.8 million original shares at the price of 3 yuan per share.In 2009, the film and television industry entered the era of industrialization.In October of that year, Huayi Brothers successfully landed on the growth Enterprise Market, becoming the first domestic film and television stock.After the opening, Huayi brothers’ share price soared from 28.58 yuan per share to 70.81 yuan per share, giving Huang a book value of more than 100 million yuan and making him a fortune.Subsequently, Huang xiaoming did not stop the pace of investment, the studio also shot a lot of movies and TV series.In 2010, Huang xiaoming recruited zeng Zhiwei, Wu Qixian and other friends, raised 60 million yuan, introduced lafite wine and other five chateaux to the mainland auction, in one year, the investment was fully recovered.Before that, Huang xiaoming was romantically linked to Angelababy. Before that, Huang xiaoming was romantically linked to Li Feier, which is why he was later suspected of being a “third person”.However, at this time, Angelababy is still an unknown young model who is suspected of being an “artificial beauty”. The topic and discussion degree are far less than Huang Xiaoming’s.Admittedly, Angelababy’s popularity has been on the rise since she fell in love with Huang xiaoming.In 2013, When Huang xiaoming was a judge on The Show, Han Made jokes about their relationship several times, to which Angelababy quipped, “My little friend and I were shocked.”In 2014, Huang xiaoming gave away a luxury car on Angelababy’s birthday.Interestingly, some netizens later revealed that it was a three-handed car, and she had already known about the delivery.Not only that, but they were not in the same income echelon.On the 2013 Forbes China Celebrities List, Huang Xiaoming ranked 8th with 75.9 million yuan, in the same gradient as Zhang Ziyi and Yang Mi, while Angelababy ranked 54th with 18.6 million yuan.In addition, Huang Xiaoming rose to the fourth place on Forbes China Celebrity List in 2014 with an income of 66.5 million yuan. Forbes evaluated him as “the mentor of China Dream And a good Chinese partner”.Angelababy ranked 55th with 19.3 million yuan, citing its “rapid rise in popularity and brilliant films”, according to Forbes.But by 2017, their positions had reversed.Angelababy ranked eighth on The 2017 Forbes China Celebrity List with an annual income of 200 million yuan, surpassing Huang Xiaoming’s 170 million yuan.03, the gap of capital territory the gap between the number of companies is large, and there is no direct business relationship between them. Although the two people have the same ability to attract money, huang Xiaoming is more adept in laying capital territory.According to the App, Huang xiaoming has 48 companies under his name, covering film and television, catering, technology, clothing, trade, investment and other fields. Most of them are shareholders, and some of them have registered capital of over 100 million yuan.Huang xiaoming is a shareholder in 31 of the remaining companies and an executive in three.In the field of film and television, in addition to his own studio, Huang xiaoming also invested in Le Vision Film (Beijing) and Bona Film Group, two star film and television companies.The two companies are not only famous, but also have shareholders including zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming, Sun Honglei, Li Xiaolu, Feng Shaofeng (Feng Wei), Zhang Hanyu, Zhang Ziyi, Han Han and other well-known entertainers.In the apparel sector, Huang xiaoming, Li Bingbing and Ren Quan (Ren Zhenquan) invested in Handu Yishe E-commerce Group Co., LTD., which was listed on the New Third Board but has been discontinued.In addition, the three also jointly hold shares in Star VC’s affiliate, Beijing Da Jia Union Investment Management Partnership (limited partnership), whose shareholders include Zhang Yuanxiao (Zhang ziyi’s father) and others.Of course, in addition to doing business with his celebrity friends, Huang xiaoming also founded mingjia Capital, where he serves as chairman.Beijing Mingjia Investment Management Co., LTD., founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is mainly engaged in investment management, asset management, investment consulting, enterprise management consulting and other businesses. Huang Xiaoming holds 80% of the shares.At present, the investment institutions have more than 30 public investment events, involving medicine and health, film and television culture, women and children’s medical care and other fields., by contrast, Angelababy (Angelababy) under the company there are only three, including xuzhou huan ying culture media center (limited partnership), tianjin days glume culture communication center (limited partnership), on the sea ray glume culture dissemination studio (limited partnership), of which the former two of the registered capital of 2 million yuan and 500000 yuan respectively, Angelababy are shareholders,And the share ratio is 99%.It is worth mentioning that huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying from the associated enterprises, the two people have no direct business connection.(Written by Feng Chenchen, Edited by Liao Ying)