China Jinmao joins hands with Hongtai to build Longhe New Town

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China Jinmao joins hands with Hongtai to create longhe New Town Langfang Lanxiu City commercial complex project effect picture.Hebei News (correspondent Dou Guangyi) February 17, Langfang city “project construction year” and 2022 central region and county in the first quarter of the key projects concentrated groundbreaking activities were held in longhe High-tech Zone Yanxiu city commercial complex and its supporting urban living room project site.Among them, Langfang Anchi District participated in 18 key projects, covering six fields of new-generation information technology, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, modern services, infrastructure and livelihood projects, with a total investment of 11.389 billion yuan and annual planned investment of 3.798 billion yuan.Among these key projects, there are 6 longhe High-tech Zone projects.Respectively is langfang sample show the city jinmao commercial complex and urban living room project, Germany Flemish madoff machinery production base project, project manager robot manufacturing center, langfang, wong intelligent science and technology innovation industry standardization workshop projects, China nuclear engineering research and development center of advanced nuclear power technology research and development projects, langfang boat yu smart technology of cloud computing data center project.After the completion of the project, it will further improve the industrial chain, improve the regional business environment, improve people’s livelihood, improve residents’ well-being, and add strong impetus to the high-quality development of Anchi city and even the whole city.As a highlight of this activity, Langfang Lanxiu City Commercial Complex and its supporting urban living room project have received high attention from leaders at all levels.According to The introduction of Wang Dali, general manager of Jinmao North China Region, as the first Exhibition city in Hebei Province, the project is located in Longhe High-tech Zone in Langfang, covering an area of 84 mu, with a total construction area of about 210,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan.There are planned indoor themed entertainment space, quality entertainment content, a full range of food and beverage options, interactive parent-child time, multi-functional life services and other related business formats.After the completion of the project, the annual turnover is expected to exceed 1.2 billion yuan, the annual tax will exceed 50 million yuan, and the annual GDP will exceed 1 billion yuan.