Geisha in the side, the elder brother and return, the younger brother angry and leave, the younger brother said he was not as good as his elder brother

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Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi, two brothers of the Northern Song Dynasty, were famous educators and philosophers at that time. They were the founders of the influential Cheng zhu School.Cheng Hao called Mr. Ming Dao, Cheng Yi shi called Mr. Yichuan.One day, the two brothers went to a friend’s house for a dinner. There were geisha at the party. Mr. Yichuan cheng Yi, the younger brother, immediately left angrily when he saw a prostitute, but his brother Cheng Hao, Mr. Mingdao, did not leave.The next day, brother Cheng Yi went to brother Cheng Hao study query, blame brother should not have prostitutes in the place too much stay.Cheng Hao did not get angry, just smiled and said: “Yesterday there were prostitutes in my heart, no prostitutes;There are no prostitutes in today’s fast, but prostitutes in your heart.”Cheng Yi, the younger brother, listened and felt ashamed.