Here comes the answer!Who is the biggest contributor to the Chinese women’s football team winning the gold medal?Fan: Yes, all hands up

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In ancient times, battles were often rewarded for their achievements. Now, the Chinese women’s soccer team has won the championship, and many of the players have received handsome bonuses.So who is the biggest contributor to The Chinese women’s football team winning the Asian Cup in India?Now the answer has come, and the fans have said no objection.Speaking of the biggest hero, some fans say goalkeeper Zhu Yu!Indeed, Zhu Yu’s contribution is very great.Zhu saved twice in a penalty shootout against Japan in the semifinals.Then in the final against South Korea, he was saved in stoppage time with a powerful shot from Sun Huajuan inside the penalty area.Without Zhu, the Chinese women’s soccer team might not even make it to the final, let alone win the championship.Some people say it is captain Wang Shanshan!After the match, Wang shanshan was also named the Most valuable player of the Asian Cup.Wang Shanshan this captain is really when very outstanding, she is not only the team’s cure-all, but also the backbone of the team, this tournament, she and Wang Shuang have scored 5 goals.The more critical is that Wang Shanshan in the match against Japan, it is relying on her goal, just dragged the game into a penalty shootout, also just have Zhu Yu later magic play!(If wu Xi, the captain of the men’s national football team, had such ability, The National football team would not have lost to Vietnam.)In the final, the second half of the Chinese women’s football team scored three goals, all with Tang Jiali related.The first ball is Miss Tang against the pressure penalty;The second ball is tang Jiali rely on personal excellent ability, in the side to complete the breakthrough, assist Zhang Linyan into;Xiao Yuyi scored the final goal, although Wang Shanshan, but it is initiated by Tang Jiali.In addition to the above 3 people, there are fans said that Zhang Linyan and Wang Xiaoxue.In the final, it was Zhang Linyan who equalized the score.Tang Entered the penalty, is created by Zhang Linyan.Tang Jiali assists the ball, is also headed by Zhang Linyan.Wang Xiaoxue also deserves a lot of credit. If it had not been for her sacrifice of her life to block the loophole at the critical moment, Lee Jinwen’s shot would have gone in and Xiao Yuyi’s killer shot would not have been possible.But these people, no matter who is said to be the biggest hero, there are always dissenting, no one can convince anyone.When we mentioned that the biggest contributor is the coach of The Chinese women’s football Team, Shui Qingxia, the fans were all in agreement.If it is not Shui Qingxia when the coach, really do not know the above these players, can be selected several?As Zhang linyan said, if it wasn’t for Shui qingxia, some coaches wouldn’t even know she existed.When Shui Qingxia took over the national women’s football team, it was at a low point, having just gone through the throes of the Tokyo Olympics. Many players lost confidence in themselves and their passion and love for football.Shui Qingxia’s appointment, just let them regain confidence, slowly found the past confidence.The girls of the women’s football team were very grateful to Shui Qingxia. After winning the gold medal, they also held Shui Qingxia high and bowed to her in collective hands.When I saw that scene, I believe many fans were as tearful as Xiaobian.Said that Shui Qingxia is the biggest champion of Chinese women’s football team, absolutely no one will vote against it, will you?