What to eat after drinking can protect liver?In addition to reducing the amount of alcohol, recommend a fruit drink to protect the liver

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Dinner party drink without the Spring Festival, but long-term drinking can lead to liver damage, especially now that a lot of people exercise less, prone to obesity after a fatty liver, if continue to drink, so on the liver damage is double, the liver function damage in the long term the last, it is possible to appear even cirrhosis of the liver cancer, suggest you drink to eat more vegetables, less soReally need to drink so recommend a piece of fruit to protect liver to drink.1. Liver protection fruit drink this is the diet of the Chinese medicine, not to say that eating this fruit drink can drink recklessly, reduce drinking or even do not drink is the first priority of liver protection, other such as abandoning the shuaibao car, there is no sense.Composition: yam, sugarcane, pomegranate How to make: The simplest way is to eat more of the above three foods after drinking, which can not only protect the liver and stomach, but also accelerate the metabolism of alcohol.But since it is a therapeutic recipe, it always has a sense of ritual. You can put the above three kinds of food in equal portions into the juicer, of course, the yams should be peeled, the sugarcane should be cut into pieces, and the pomegranates should be peeled. During the juicing process, you can put a cup of rock sugar water, which not only increases the amount of juice, but also makes the taste better.How to take it: drink a cup before eating and drinking, or drink after drinking and heating properly. Pay attention to the patients with high blood sugar and reduce the amount of sugarcane appropriately.Principle: 2.Yam in the liver from fruit drink is a good food to fill spleen and lung, kidney, long-term drinking not only hurt liver damage even to the spleen and stomach, so use yam mainly in order to protect the spleen and stomach, sugar cane is sweet, can the toxic heat therapy, at the same time have a good diuretic effect, promote to speed up the metabolism of alcohol in the body, thereby reducing the pressure of the metabolism of the liver,Finally, the pomegranate has a good role in protecting the liver, pomegranate acid, traditional Chinese medicine that the acid is into the liver, has a good nourishing effect on the liver, at the same time, it contains a lot of antioxidant ingredients, promote the timely repair of the liver damaged after drinking.3. Tip: This liver-preserving fruit drink is changed from the famous doctor Zhang Xichun’s Ningshou Antichuan drink. It is mainly used in the recovery period of elderly frail patients after illness, and also has a good effect on patients with recurrent cough and asthma, abundant phlegm and saliva, and insufficient breath.Chinese medicine believes that only flesh and blood sentient products, have better nourishing effect, for some severe emergency is a significant effect., of course, more than the prescription only as a control diet, during the Spring Festival holidays, now relatively idle time, drunk after the meal will be used to eat a fruit, and then the prescription is the best solution, if the true situation of abnormal liver function, then to a hospital checking, must first clear what causes, solved from the root,More cannot think is to drink to cause simply, want not to drink oneself liver to be able to get better only, little imagine such likely delay illness, delay to best cure opportunity.What fruit does the person that often drinks drink eat to you can protect liver #