Winning the jackpot in the lottery is easier than that!Hearthstone emperor makes history by opening a pack of flash five legend cards

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“Wow!”The Golden Legend” is the infectious voice of a tavern owner in hearthstone, and is now used in many cases to describe rare items falling.Even hearthstone players don’t think winning and telling tales is nearly as exciting as opening a bag of Orange cards.Because of its very low probability of delivery, a pack of five cards out of a very low probability of things.But recently an old hearthstone player back to the pit, but when the Emperor of the Emperor of Europe.Five orange cards came out of just one bag!How to describe how rare this is?Statistically speaking, hearthstone’s chances of “five oranges in a pack” are only 1 in 10 billion.Even if everyone in the world draws once, it may not be out, but it is a theoretical event.So from that point of view, the result is nothing short of a miracle.The player shared the incident in a post on Tieba, asking if it was from an official event.Because he is the element just out of that version of the back of the swim, a return on “a pack of five oranges” immediately some confused situation.At first, many bar friends saw the post, feel that the building Lord is using PS map water experience.There was not only sarcasm but also insults.But it was under the pressure of “let’s have friends all hardware orange” in the comments section that the landlord began to present more and more evidence.He posted the five Orange Kainara Chips, Bloodbone Golem, Cridan the Chips, Strina the Star cadets and Kane’s Rage, and then pulled up his purchases from last year.If that’s not enough, add “five oranges out of a pack” as a BUG feedback.After learning the details of the situation, the official finally gave a “show that you are very lucky” reply.Later, the owner gave feedback to hearthstone forum officials, who further confirmed the authenticity of “five oranges in a pack”.As a result, the comments section of the post became the scene of a massive backlash that will probably be talked about for years to come after this hearthstone historic moment.Of course, they’re not entirely to blame.Opening a pack of “three yellow eggs” is already known by hearthstone players as “drawing cards with a long life”, while four orange cards are generally regarded as stealing cards.As for the five orange cards, as theoretical events, it makes sense to dismiss them as fake at first glance.But it should be mentioned that those who regret the owners of the wrong place luck, not it to buy lottery users, the description is not very rigorous.According to the domestic lottery winning rate, the odds of winning the jackpot in grand lotto is 21.42 million to 1, and the odds of winning the jackpot in two-color ball is 17.72 million to 1, which is much higher than the odds of winning five oranges in a pack of 10 billion to 1.In other words, there may be many more lottery winners in the future, but hearthstone won’t have a second hearthstone player who opens a bag with five legend cards.Want to know more exciting content, come to the leaf pig game network