Are industrial robots the same as artificial intelligence?What’s the difference?

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Artificial intelligence and industrial robots are completely two concepts, one is technical science, one is digital mechanical equipment.Industrial robots are only part of the application of ARTIFICIAL intelligence. With the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology, industrial robots will integrate more artificial intelligence-related technologies.What is the difference between industrial robot and artificial intelligence 1, industrial robot industrial robot is a typical mechatronics digital equipment, or a kind of machinery machine, but the technology added value is relatively high, can replace tedious manual assembly line operation, and high efficiency, long working time, less error rate,It is composed of manipulator, manipulator, servo drive system and detection sensor device, is a kind of artificial operation automatic control, can be repeated programming, can complete all kinds of work in the three difficult space of mechatronics automation production equipment, especially suitable for many varieties, variable batch flexible production line.2, artificial intelligence artificial intelligence is the research, development for simulation, extension and extension of human intelligence theory, method, technology and application system of a new technical science.Belong to the macro concept, is not a kind of the operation of the machine, it is a branch of computer science, in an attempt to understand the essence of intelligence, and can produce a new kind of response in the form of human intelligence similar intelligent machines, research in this field including robot, speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert system, etc.Artificial intelligence can simulate the information process of human consciousness and thinking, but artificial intelligence is not human intelligence, although it thinks like people, and may be more than human intelligence.Artificial intelligence is more digital and scientific, and may be different from people’s emotional thoughts.Therefore, artificial intelligence and industrial robots are completely two concepts, one is technical science, one is digital mechanical equipment.The integration of industrial robots and artificial intelligence is an inevitable trend in the future, artificial intelligence and industrial robots may become the main force of industrial production and manufacturing.Industrial robot is a multi-joint manipulator or multi-degree-of-freedom machine for the industrial field. It can perform the work automatically according to the program instructions. It is mainly composed of three basic parts: the main body, the driving system and the control system.Industrial manufacturing mainly through the craft manufacture, automatic involved in manufacturing and industrial robots in manufacturing three stages, the emergence of early robot to replace human manual labor, with the improvement and development of technology, robot has be applied in industrial manufacturing, especially in the area of assembly line work, compared with the manual operation,Robots are more efficient than manual labor, and have a high time of work, can meet the needs of automated production and manufacturing.In addition, the robot can also be programmed and designed to meet the needs of production and manufacturing customization.With the introduction of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots will become more intelligent and autonomous, and the production mode will be innovated again.In the future, the integration of industrial robots and artificial intelligence is an inevitable trend. For industrial production, only by daring to innovate and not afraid of hardships can we go further.China’s industrial robot industry is in the stage of rapid rise, and the combination of artificial intelligence will usher in a new revolution in the robot industry.