At the critical moment, ASML revealed the new data of lithography machine, what is the intention?

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The situation of global chip crisis has not been effectively alleviated so far.But at the same time, it has greatly boosted chip manufacturers’ enthusiasm.In the past few years, manufacturers have been competing for the resources needed to develop chips.After entering 2022, the competition among manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce, and the national level behind it has also given strong support.Intel, one of the giants, said it would spend $20 billion to build factories and expand capacity;Not to be outdone, TSMC plans to spend $44bn to boost capacity.America, for its part, has set a subsidy scheme for chip design and manufacturing worth $52 billion.Not to be outdone, the European Union has rushed out a chip bill worth 43 billion euros.The money will be used to increase EU-wide chip capacity to capture 20% of the global chip market.The one that gets the most attention is ASML.After all, if you look at the entire planet, there is no other such advanced lithography machine manufacturer.When ASML saw the United States and The European Union, one after another launched chip support programs, ASML released the latest data of lithography machine, calling on the European Union to not only focus on the United States, but also pay attention to the situation of other countries and regions.According to the data provided by ASML, in the past three years, China, South Korea and other countries have increased their investment in the purchase of lithography machines.In the United States, however, spending on lithography machines continued to fall, from 1.98 billion euros to 1.58 billion euros.What is most intriguing is that ASML’s release of the lithography data “happens” to come on the heels of a $52bn us chip support package.It is speculated that ASML may have three meanings: First, ASML is a reminder that the chip manufacturing industry in China, South Korea and other countries is developing rapidly.In the data provided by ASML, the cost of lithography machines in countries like China and South Korea is compared to the cost of lithography machines in the United States.The former keeps improving while the latter keeps decreasing.According to ASML, more than 8 billion euros has been spent on lithography machines in China, including Taiwan province.In Korea, the amount has also increased to more than 5 billion euros.As can be seen directly from this data, the chip industry in China, South Korea and other countries is developing rapidly, so it is natural to buy more lithography machines.Smic in Our country alone, its investment in lithography machine, a one-time up to 970 million euros.Compared with the United States, half of the annual investment in the United States is not as high as a chip company in China.To make chips, you have to rely on photoengraving machines.If the United States does not invest more in lithography machines, it will not be able to increase chip production.What’s more, the United States has always had a huge ambition to take the global chip industry chain firmly in its hands.But without a lithography machine, their ambitions would never have been realized.TSMC once said bluntly: “It is completely impossible for the United States to monopolize the chip industry chain, and their investment of 50 billion dollars is useless.”Second, ASML wants to throw cold water on America.The United States has always been keen on long-arm jurisdiction, using hegemony without hiding. It has amended the so-called “chip rules” for many times, requiring chip companies such as Samsung and TSMC to build more chip factories in an attempt to make chip production complete locally.The ambition behind it is clear that it wants to include the global chip industry chain in its own hands, at its disposal and fate, to maximize its own interests.The United States is now spending a huge amount of money to subsidize chip companies, especially $39 billion, which is used to subsidize chip manufacturers.In doing so, ASML is trying to throw cold water on the idea that if you want to increase chip manufacturing capacity, you need to spend more money on lithography machines, rather than subsidizing chip manufacturers.Third, ASML is signalling where the market is headed.According to the sales data provided by ASML, in the past three years, the sales contribution rate of the United States to ASML is less than 1/3 of that of South Korea, and far less than 1/5 of that of China.Therefore, ASML, as a company selling lithography machines, needs to bet its future on China and other countries.After all, anyone can see that China, South Korea and other countries and regions are the best markets in the future.In fact, ASML has made it clear that they will increase investment in the Chinese market, expand the size of their R&D center, and build maintenance centers to provide better after-sales service.ASML also hopes that the EU will pay more attention to countries such as China, which are more dependent on European technology and products than the US.In short, ASML hopes that the EU will facilitate the free shipment of EUV lithography machines at an early date.In fact, foreign companies such as Samsung, which has built a large number of chip factories in China, also need more EUV lithography machines in order to improve the process and expand production capacity.Given all this, it is interesting that ASML has chosen this period to publish the lithography data.