Clippers beat Phoenix back to back!Green army double star scored 57 points in three quarters!Yang Shaoxia 40 points for the 21st time!

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Reggie critical moment to make a wrong choice, “gun brother” critical moment to kill the game;Double explore flower three section 57 points, the great court only 19 points into the account!Yang Shaoxia, Garland on the road, the Cavaliers ushered in two consecutive losses.Fresh off a home victory for second place in the NBA, the Los Angeles Clippers flew to Phoenix to take on the regular-season jugglers.The last time the two teams met, in early January, Booker and Chris Paul combined for 25 points.Underdog Cameron Johnson stepped up to lead his team to a 17-point victory, scoring 24 points on 4-of-7 3-point shooting.This time, the Sun’s two backcourt played their normal game.Devin Booker was the king of the first quarter, scoring 13 points on 6-of-7 shooting.Paul shot 7 of 14 and finished with 17 plus 14, and Chris Paul made consecutive good choices in the closing seconds to give the SUNS their sixth straight win, 103-96.The Clippers had a good chance of winning the game. They were well-prepared and caught them off guard early on.Other than Reggie Jackson, the clippers are shooting nearly 40 percent from 3-point range.Two forwards, Marcus Morris and Nicolas Batum, were particularly impressive, shooting more than 50 percent from the field and making seven 3-pointers.The failure was due to reggie’s poor form and lue directing key time substitutions.Reggie was 0 for 8 from 3-point range, and a couple of shots and a crucial turnover at the end of the game ended the Clippers’ comeback hopes.Lue did not bring in the more versatile Harten at the last minute, but kept Zubaz.Those who know Him well know that he likes to play slow-footed centers best, and he had seven points and four assists on 3-of-6 shooting in the fourth quarter, punishing lue for making bad decisions.The Boston Celtics continued their hot streak as the Celtics won their ninth straight game with a 48-point sweep of fifth place in the Eastern Conference.The Celtics won their ninth straight game, beating the Philadelphia 76ers 135-87 on the road by 48 points, matching the team’s largest margin of victory in road history.”I think it was the best defense I’ve had as a Celtics player,” brown said in a postgame interview. “They had a hard time getting points on us. We did a great job on both ends of the floor.”Indeed, it speaks to the Celtics’ defensive prowess to hold Philadelphia to 87 points from nearly 108 points per game and to hold Embiid to three field goals and no more than 20 points (Embiid finished with 19 points, nine rebounds and six assists).After the Celtics held the 76ers to 23 or fewer points in each of the first three quarters and outscored them by double digits in each, it was no wonder James Harden was pensively sitting on the bench.The Greens narrowed down the paint very well, holding the Sixers to 24 points in the paint.The Sixers didn’t take the 3-point shots they were given.The home team made just eight shots from behind the arc, nearly twice as many as their opponents, and produced only a third as many, as the Celtics went on a killing spree, making 25 3-pointers, a franchise record.By the end of three quarters, the Celtics had scored a combined 57 points, just one less than Philadelphia had scored in the first three quarters.From the 3-point line, The twins made nine 3-pointers on 60 percent shooting.Jayson Tatum also finished well in the tight zone, shooting 58 percent in the paint against one of the best inside defenses in the league. His true shooting rate for the game was close to 72 percent, a season high.The only thing that upset green fans was smart hitting his knee on a drive to the rim and leaving the game in the second quarter with an injury. I hope he’s okay.Young shaoxia and Garland beat the Atlanta Hawks, who lost two straight, to face the Cleveland Cavaliers at home.The two young backcourts — Darius Garland and Trey Young — are in direct talks.Garland, the younger of the two, scored 30 points on 22 shots.Young followed up his 4-of-7 3-point shooting against the Celtics with 41 points and nine assists on 22 shots for his 21st 40-point game, making him the seventh-highest 40-point game in league history by a player under 24.The Cavs had a lot of big paint, but they weren’t much more aggressive in the paint than the Hawks. Cuttino Mobley, Allen and Lefga combined for 10 free throws, less than Young alone.In addition, Yang Shaoxia launched the conversion of fast break this ability, but also the Cavaliers do not have.In fast break points, the two teams fully nearly double the difference.For 48 minutes, the two teams fought back and forth, never coming within nine points of each other.However, the home team’s clutch shooting didn’t give the Cavaliers a chance to come back in the final quarter, and the Cavaliers lost by eight points, 116-124.Stay tuned to “100” for live NBA video and replay of NBA games from 1980 to the present.