Falsify the certificate!Nanyang Xichuan County handled an illegal case involving epidemic disease

2022-07-07 0 By

On March 28, 2022, He xx (male, 13 years old, close contact), a resident of Jinhe Town, Xichuan County, returned to Xichuan by train from Shanghai, according to a report from the superior Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Xichuan County.After receiving the notice, the relevant department immediately launched the investigation work.After the check:On March 25, In order to prevent her son from being quarantined after returning to Xichuan, He’s mother, Surnamed Zheng, forged a certificate to deceive the epidemic prevention and control staff and did not report the certificate after returning to Xichuan, causing serious impact on the epidemic prevention and control work (at present, he and his sub-intensive contacts have been quarantined as nucleic acid test results are negative). On March 29,According to the law, the public security organ imposed administrative detention on Zheng for 10 days and fined him 400 yuan.At present, all citizens should strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and actively cooperate with relevant departments to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.Those who do not comply with the epidemic prevention and control regulations, which constitute a crime, will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.Xichuan County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters March 31, 2022