Nie Rong County color qing township animal husbandry development: break into a new world

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Dividends are the best indicator of how well a cooperative is doing.In recent years, na Qu City Nie Rong County seqing township through cooperative way, broke into a new height of development.In 2021, the revenue of Zama Diversified Operation Cooperative Association reached a new high of 5.87 million yuan, and the bonus was 3.19 million yuan, which was as high as 32,000 yuan per person.This achievement is one of the best in eight townships in the surrounding area.But recall at the beginning of entrepreneurship, the masses of herdsmen feel all kinds of.”In the first dividend in 2018, 1,700 people in 426 households received a total of 400,000 yuan, with a per capita dividend of only over 200 yuan.”Seqing township township head o ‘Dan said with a wry smile to reporters.After the battle against poverty began, Nie Rong County established “catch two, promote the middle” animal husbandry industry ideas, in each township set up “one township one society”.In the case of 3 million yuan start-up capital has not been in place, Seqing township donations of 110,000 yuan, 167 yaks, 117 sheep, the establishment of the cooperative.”There’s no model. It’s all on your own.”A Dan, then chairman of seqing Township people’s Congress, said that due to lack of experience in setting up a collective industry, they had to foster their cattle and sheep in the homes of registered poor families and give priority to solving their living difficulties.However, this is not a long-term solution, and the future of the cooperative is still the top issue in the village.In fact, seqing township is not without experience to follow, Lang Qing village and Chukou village as a result of understanding the management of the village “two committees” team members, the masses actively cooperate, proper management methods, village collective industry has been in the forefront.Thus, the township cadres visited for many times, harvest a lot.”The key lies in the implementation of the ‘five unification’, namely, unified collection of raw materials, unified transportation, unified processing, unified packaging, unified sales.”Back in the village, Adan and other township cadres understood that in order to develop cooperatives, the first thing to do is to integrate “people, grass and livestock”, change from scattered to centralized raising, change from scattered processing to unified processing.To avoid disappointing the villagers again, the cooperative chose Langqing Ranch as a pilot site, centralized management of livestock, and unified milking and processing of milk products.In less than half a year, milk production is steadily rising, sales are also very good, cooperative income is obvious.The masses saw the benefits, have asked to join.The confidence of the township government is also sufficient, so the cooperative will be expanded to the whole village cooperative, forming scale effect, and the advanced management concept in secho, Qina, Benjie, Summer laze and other four pastures to promote.In the process of production, cooperatives also guarantee the quality of products from the source, purchase animal products raw materials at fixed points, at fixed times and by appointed persons, send them to the area for unified processing, and then unify the brand, packaging and sale, so as to improve the standardization and scale level of animal products.At the same time, for improving the quality of dairy products, cooperative, in the case of well-funded, buying automatic all-in-one milk, pasteurized milk sterilization agent, vacuum packaging machine, refrigerated trucks and other equipment, production of “lala”, yogurt, milk, butter, etc., through Lhasa and naqu and NieRong county and other places are sold to sell, customers reflect the good.After several years of development, the cooperative is in a good situation and has formed an operation mode of “one village, one community, one village, one pasture, one village, one family”. The stock of livestock is more than 2,400, the average daily processing capacity of dairy products is more than 2,000 jin, and more than 200 local herdsmen are employed.”Dividends are getting bigger and bigger every year.”Adan told reporters that at the end of 2019, the dividend reached 3.08 million yuan, per capita dividend reached more than 1,400 yuan;In 2020, dividends will be raised to more than 3.19 million yuan, and per capita dividends will increase to 2,480 yuan.With the advance of the marketization process, the township government will withdraw from the cooperative management, while absorbing more entrepreneurial college students to join, with their wisdom to drive the cooperative toward high-quality development direction.Reporter Zhang Yuyi West Jiacuo Chen Lotus bian Zhen source: China Xizang News network