Strict quarantine on freight transport

2022-07-07 0 By

Rizhao, April 5 (Xinhua) — Transportation is an important part of the prevention and control of the epidemic.The city has further carried out road freight epidemic prevention and control, implementing the “four checks, one test and one notification” system for key vehicles, especially trucks, and strengthening the closed-loop management measures for vehicles, cargo and accompanying personnel.Rizhao Jiawo Transportation Co., Ltd. is a large hazardous chemical transportation enterprise in Our city. For each vehicle entering and returning, the enterprise does a good job of closed-loop management according to the requirements, and the drivers should strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control regulations on the road.At the exit of the Japan-Lan Expressway, the staff of the transportation service point are checking the cargo vehicles and people entering and returning to The city, and strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, including “four checks, one test and one notification”.The “four checks” are health code, travel code, 48-hour nucleic acid certificate, and vehicle Permit for the transport of key epidemic Prevention and Control materials.A test, temperature measurement;On the first notice, drivers and passengers were issued with COVID-19 prevention and control sheets.At the same time, do a good job in the service, coordinate the goods destination district and county to connect, complete the closed-loop transportation management.At present, The city has issued the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines for Road Freight Vehicles, Employees and Stations, and set up 15 transport service points at highway intersections and key provincial roads, with staff from transport, public security, traffic police and health departments on duty 24 hours a day.Meanwhile, random checks will be carried out on other key road sections to ensure the prevention and control measures for truck drivers are in place.(Zhang Shan, rong Media reporter of Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION Station