Two confirmed cases were found among people returning from other places in Xiamen, and their movements in Xiamen were released

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According to the Official account of Xiamen Daily, on March 14, two people who tested positive for NUCLEIC acid were transferred to a designated hospital and diagnosed as mild COVID-19 cases.The municipal and district headquarters for epidemic response immediately organized epidemiological investigation, screening, isolation and transport, nucleic acid screening, community prevention and control, and strictly implemented relevant site control and environmental eradication measures.The activity track of the above cases in Xiamen is as follows: Case 1: male, 35 years old, found by big data push, living in No. 875 Xiahe Road, Siming District.March 10-12, out of town.March 12, 19:50, returned to Xiamen by bus;At 20:43, we arrived at “Pure K” KTV (Tiyu Road Store).March 13, 0:10, take a taxi back to Xiamen home;At 1430 hours, the nucleic acid sampling site opposite no.9 Middle School was sampled;At 14:45, he returned home to Xiamen on foot and did not go out.Case 2: Male, 41 years old, found by active nucleic acid test, living in Houtang Village, Wuxian Town, Tong ‘an District.March 10-12, out of town.March 13, 8 o ‘clock, self-drive back to Xiamen home;At 15:12, drive to the nucleic acid sampling site of Wuxian Hongmei Garden;At 15:20, drive to Ouquan Beauty Salon near Donghai College;At 15:40, he returned home by car without going out.People who had contact with or crossed paths with the above cases in the above period and place should take strict personal protection measures, report to local epidemic prevention and control departments immediately, stay indoors, and cooperate with the staff to carry out flow control, nucleic acid sampling, and epidemic control measures.Source: