Abnormal appreciation of RMB, is the DOLLAR controlled?

2022-07-08 0 By

RMB against dollar exchange rate continues to appreciate, the People’s Bank of China how to put out the fire, how to pressure.The spread between renminbi and dollar bonds is already very small.In this case there is still a lot of foreign exchange into the yuan, or is there still this much demand to deploy the yuan?It’s unbelievable.According to various statistics, foreign investors have bought Nearly four trillion yuan of Chinese stocks, but look at the domestic A-shares, how do not look like, and some experts say they have bought Chinese bonds, this is possible.But no matter how you analyze it, the dollar is rising against almost all currencies, but the devaluation of the yuan is unusual.Previous VISITS to China by US presidents have generally forced a revaluation of the renminbi.Instead of meeting China’s leaders, Internet experts and netizens are calling for a stronger yuan.Or even to go up to 1-1.Some argue that this will effectively prevent inflation and reduce the price of imported goods for renminbi people.The monetary and financial system is a whole, and such an abnormal situation can only show that someone is manipulating the RMB market in an attempt to damage exports and make China’s economy worse.