Beijing Winter Olympic Games | International Ice Hockey Federation invited Wu Jing as the world hockey Ambassador

2022-07-08 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 10 (reporter Lin Deren)The International Ice Hockey Federation (IUCF) announced Thursday that Chinese actor Wu Jing has been invited to serve as a world hockey ambassador.International Ice Hockey Federation President Tardif awarded Wu Jing the status of world hockey ambassador.”The INTERNATIONAL Ice Hockey Federation is proud to have Wu Jing as an ambassador for the Winter Olympics,” Tardif said.Torchbearer Wu Jing takes part in the torch relay on February 2.In order to promote the sport of ice hockey, especially in China, the INTERNATIONAL Ice Hockey Federation has taken advantage of the two Winter Olympics in Asia to bring the world’s best ice hockey players to the Olympic Games, according to the FEDERATION.At the same time, a multi-language social network platform in Chinese, Russian and other languages has been set up to let more Chinese sports fans know about ice hockey and learn about ice hockey culture, so that they can like ice hockey and attract more teenagers to participate in ice hockey.”We are very grateful to him (Wu Jing) for helping us develop the sport of ice hockey through his influence.I hope he can call on more fans to cheer for the Chinese ice hockey team and its performance in the Winter Olympics.”Tardif said.On his new status, Wu said, “I watched several games of the Chinese women’s ice hockey team in the Winter Olympics, and they were very exciting. We were moved by their excellent performances in fighting for glory for the country.Ice hockey is a sport worth watching. There are teamwork and collisions, and many techniques of holding the stick are similar to the martial arts of horse in ancient China. I hope you can pay more attention to the ice hockey match and cheer for the Chinese ice hockey team.It is an honor to be the INTERNATIONAL Ice Hockey Federation’s world hockey Ambassador, and I hope to inspire more children and families to participate in the sport of hockey.”Editors: Liu Ning, Huang Xuguo, Ji Jiadong