Chinese stock market: The top 10 leading hydrogen energy stocks by institutions doubled in value in the third quarter

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Hydrogen energy is a kind of clean energy, which can be obtained through a variety of ways. It is in line with China’s carbon emission reduction strategy, and is also conducive to solving the problem of China’s energy security.Secondly, as an important part of China’s energy revolution, hydrogen energy mainly shows a rising trend in the current development trend, so it can be predicted that the development opportunities of hydrogen energy in the future should be great.So what is the potential of hydrogen?It is no exaggeration to say, it will be the next trillion level track, as we all know, the development of any industry, is indispensable to all good, like before the new energy cars, solar, wind, etc., and now the hydrogen energy, is standing under a variety of positive tuyere, there are a lot of places are publishing industry planning.What are the characteristics of hydrogen energy?First, it is made by means of other energy sources, as a gas at room temperature and as a liquid under certain conditions.In terms of physical properties, it is the lightest.Chemically, it has the best thermal conductivity.Its most prominent feature is low pollution to the environment. After burning hydrogen, water is generated, and the water can continue to be recycled. Therefore, hydrogen energy is a completely pollution-free new energy.Second, the development of hydrogen energy can make human activities to reduce pollution to the lowest level.The fact that countries around the world are trying to make breakthrough discoveries in this field shows that there is still a huge market for hydrogen.At present, hydrogen energy is very suitable for use in cars, which can not only reduce pollution, because of its combustion characteristics, but also cause no damage to the engine, prolong the service life of the engine, the hydrogen energy in the application of new energy vehicles, is also an important use of it.Third, in addition to being used in cars, hydrogen can also be used to generate electricity.Just cost is higher now, cannot apply to go up in common life use electricity.Currently, hydrogen power can only be used on spaceships or submarines.Reducing the cost of hydrogen power generation, if we can break through this problem, the problem of electricity shortage can be effectively solved.At present, hydrogen energy cannot be used in large quantities, mainly due to the current extraction technology, most of which is extracted from oil, natural gas and coal. These materials themselves are very scarce, so it cannot be extracted in large quantities. Although hydrogen can be extracted from water electrolysis, it consumes too much electricity and is not economical.If the effective extraction of hydrogen energy, is also an important research topic.Jiangsu Shentong: (002438) Domestic metallurgical special valve and nuclear power valve leading enterprise in the third quarter of 21, the total operating income of 1.503 billion yuan increased by 32.33% year on year, the price-to-book ratio: 3.2921, the net profit of the third quarter of 21:213 million yuan increased by 31.8% year on year, return on equity:9.43% of the company’s main business is engaged in the application in blast furnace gas dry dust removal system in the field of metallurgy, converter gas dust removal and recycling system, coke oven flue gas dust removal system, the gas pipe network system of special valve, flange, level used in nuclear power plant nuclear butterfly valve and ball valve, flange and forgings, nuclear grade level non-nuclear butterfly valve and ball valve and its corollary equipment,Research and development, production and sales of special equipment and valves for spent fuel reprocessing, as well as special valves, flanges and forgings for coal chemical industry, ultra (ultra) critical thermal power, LNG ultra-low temperature valves, petroleum and petrochemical industry.Chunhui Zhihong: (300943) The company is in a dominant position in the domestic gas wall furnace heating control field of high-end waterway control valve market in the third quarter of 21, the total operating revenue of 413 million yuan increased by 9.92% year on year, the price-to-book ratio of 54721, the net profit of 59 million yuan increased by 1.83% year on year, the return on net assets:The company specializes in the research, development and manufacture of fluid control valves and control systems, including oil and gas control products, gas control products, heating control products, air conditioning control products, internal combustion engine accessories, etc.A number of the company’s research achievements have been included in the national Torch Plan, national key new products, the company was rated as the national key support of high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang province patent demonstration enterprises.Beijing Kerai: (002350) One of the earliest enterprises engaged in the development and production of power distribution automation equipment in The third quarter of 2011, the total operating revenue of 1.452 billion yuan increased by 1.39% year on year, the price-to-book ratio: 2.2521 The net profit of the third quarter of 2011:0.29 billion yuan increased by 12% year on year, the return on equity:The company is an enterprise engaged in the r&d, production and sales of 12kV power distribution and control equipment.The company’s products cover the basic distribution system of a device, and formed four series of products, such as the low voltage switch series of products (in the cupboard, column on the switch, etc.), series products of distribution transformer (American box change, Europe type box, silicon steel and amorphous transformer, etc.), power distribution network automation series products (ring network cabinet, the reclosing,Modular substation, etc.), power distribution equipment components (GRC shell, cable accessories, etc.);It also covers some secondary equipment, such as fault location series products (fault indicator, etc.), power electronics series products (reactive power compensation, super capacitor, etc.).Hengguang Stock: (301118) The production of sodium chlorate of the company has been in the leading position in the domestic industry for many years. In the third quarter of 2011, the total operating revenue increased by 38.96% year-on-year to 646 million yuan, and the price-to-book ratio increased by 136.62% year-on-year to 172 million yuan.The company is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development mode of circular economy, integrating r&d, production and sales of sulfur and chlorinated industrial product chain.The company’s main business products can be divided into chlorinated industrial product chain and sulfur chemical product chain according to different chemical production chain.Chemical product chain mainly includes chlor-alkali, sodium chlorate, hydrogen, aluminum chloride, phosphorus chloride, germanium products, etc.Sulfur chemical product chain mainly includes sulfuric acid, ferric powder, roasting slag, steam, sulfamic acid, cysteamine hydrochloride and so on.Trina Solar: (688599), the world’s leading photovoltaic smart energy overall solution provider, reported revenue of 31.265 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2011, with a year-on-year growth of 56.9%, and net profit of 1.156 billion Yuan in the third quarter of 2011, with a year-on-year growth of 39.05%. Return on equity:The main business of the company includes photovoltaic products, photovoltaic systems and smart energy.The main products of the company are photovoltaic modules, system products, photovoltaic power stations, intelligent micro-grid and multi-energy systems.# A-share quality leader #