A man in Shaanxi province left his broken car in the field for more than 10 days, only to be smashed by two children.

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Recently, a man in Shaanxi province encountered an infuriating incident, his car parked in the field for more than 10 days, only to be broken by two children with bricks, the window and body of the car, what’s more, the two men poured antifreeze into the fuel tank.According to the owner, Mr. Li, on February 1 this year, his sister drove the car under the Shahekou bridge in Yulin city, due to improper operation of the car into a pit, resulting in the vehicle front bumper damage.However, since it was the first day of the Lunar New Year, the garage was not working, so I did not go to the repair, just locked the car and left.After the Spring Festival, due to other delays, Mr. Li did not go to repair the car, the car has been parked at the accident site.Until a few days ago, Mr. Li accidentally saw a video of two children smashing a car on the Internet. After careful observation, he found that it was his own car.Then Mr. Li hurried to the scene to view, see the immediate picture directly dumbstruck, saw the car almost all the glass was smashed, and the vehicle hood and windshield wipers have been damaged to varying degrees.They even poured antifreeze into the gas tank.Mr Li said he had called the police and now hoped the parents of the two children would come forward and discuss the matter together.For this matter, also caused a lot of netizens hot discussion.Have netizen expresses, although this kind of circumstance bought car loss danger, insurance company also won’t compensate.Is it okay for the guardian to ignore minor children who do bad things?Personally, I think the guardian of the child should take the initiative to compensate and apologize to the family.”These children are so bad that they should pay for the damage to other people’s property,” another netizen said. “There is nothing wrong with this, so parents must teach their children not to damage or touch other people’s property.”However, some netizens said that the accident car abandoned in the wilderness for a long time, many people will think that no one wants it, children think that the car is scrapped as a toy.In addition, Mr. Li left his car unsupervised and there was no warning sign at the scene, so this matter is mainly Mr. Li’s responsibility.No matter what reason the vehicle is parked in the field, no one has the right to deal with it privately.Both adults and children have no right to destroy things that are not their own. Since they have done bad things, they should bear the corresponding responsibility.In this case, because the two children who hit the car are minors, only the children’s guardians bear the corresponding responsibility, so Mr. Li’s loss should be compensated by the parents of the two children.In order to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss, it is better not to park the car in the field for a long time.