Douyin short video operation strategy in automobile industry

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1. Douyin Customer analysis
1. As the platform with the largest number of short video users, Douyin’s users are mainly young users in first-tier and second-tier cities. However, with the expansion of douyin users, they are also covering third-tier and fourth-tier cities and radiating to the whole country.Moreover, the majority of young and middle-aged people have the demand and ability to buy cars, and they themselves are fans of Douyin short videos, so they will have a higher recognition of the platform.
Secondly, Douyin has the largest number of users, ensuring daily active user traffic. Douyin’s push mechanism of adding friends and surrounding areas, as well as the city recommendation mechanism, can ensure that local customers are covered first, which is highly matched with customers in the automobile industry, which is very suitable for automobile merchants.
2. How many douyin users are from the automobile industry?
As of October 2020, the number of car fans who have lost weight has reached 280 million, up 37 percent from the same period last year, and the number of people who are interested in cars continues to rise.
Second, the status quo of the automobile industry
Since the outbreak, offline business impact is bigger, people are coming out, make the offline store business collapsed, and offline stores, no income at the same time, also need to undertake, the purchase cost of the finished product, staff costs and daily costs such as rent makes a lot of offline store crisis with closure.The auto industry has suffered even more.
In addition to the epidemic, this year’s chip supply problem, making the auto industry more difficult.There is a shortage of new cars.Some customers choose a car model, but there is no present car for customers to take away, so they can only delay delivery or queue up. As a result, many customers who are unwilling to wait may consider buying other models of cars or second-hand cars of the same type, resulting in serious customer loss.
The offline market environment of the automobile industry is getting worse and worse. With the rapid rise of automobile users on Douyin short video platform, it is particularly important to add new marketing methods in the automobile industry.
So the bosses have to ask, what should I do for Tiktok platform? Do you have any operating skills?
3. Operation strategy of short video in automobile industry
Operating strategy, that is, we often say account location problem, trill on more and more customers interested in the car, want to run your trill account, need to trill customers to do analysis, analysis of customers interested in the car, interested in what is the point, what is the age, gender, etc., to give customers do labels, analyze customer points of interest.According to their own analysis of the data, to do their own account positioning.
Now the more popular video has funny song and dance story experts industry knowledge sharing tutorial (food education technology) class, then we should do how to do the automobile industry, the following small make up to introduce to you.Divided into two categories to introduce to you, manufacturers and dealers two categories.
(1) The first category: automobile manufacturers, this need not be said more.1. To launch a new car, from the advantages and selling points of the car, introduce the advantages, price, performance, practical degree of the model, such as the application of wireless charging and other new technology, now relatively popular new energy vehicles, should be almost all automobile manufacturers involved.The direction of manufacturers is mainly new car release and pre-sale.
2. Promote corporate brand and recruit agents.Is the main product announced on its, his own brand design concept, with a short video to show to the customer, and is very helpful for building brand loyal users, in the past forms of advertising, like the auto show, new car conference, or directly on the TV or other hard, let the customer know that cover the customer narrow, and high cost of advertising.And short video can be very good avoid these, the manufacturer’s design concept, the production technology can show to the customer, and do not need to pay, to become their own fans, the brand penetration strength will increase, as long as the new product design, through the short video release, the fans will be the first time you know, and will continue to follow the pace of the enterprise,Cultivate the stickiness between customers and enterprises.In addition, it can interact with customers directly and understand customer needs at the first time, which is also the driving force of enterprise progress.Use the brand to attract dealers from all over the country to join in cooperation and increase the coverage rate and sales capacity of cars.
(2) Automobile agents. Agents are mainly assessment of sales business.On the front page, you need to think about how to sell the car.The content of making the video will be introduced around the various functions of the new car.
1 can be introduced from the automobile operation knowledge.Like the right way to handle the handbrake, may be a lot of people will say, this should be all right, but in fact, it is not, now more and more people will drive, there are a lot of novices, for the car’s various small functions and small skills are not very understand, can only be through their own experience.For example, practical driving skills in rainy days, side parking skills, how to reasonably buy insurance and so on, which are all daily driving friends or friends who have a driving license and want to buy a car will pay attention to the point, more suitable for daily life, practical.
2. Especially since the epidemic, people cannot directly go to the store to choose their favorite models. It is a good way to learn about them through videos.It is true that many car dealers have made sales through tiktok short videos.So short video must be a new model of car sales, and it is now a popular trend.
3. Short video for car dealers, another kind of short video operation idea, can be the introduction of new car performance.There are many factors for customers to decide to buy a new car with new functions, but whether sales can grasp it is very important.Offline customers go to physical stores, and sales can contact customers. They can ask customers what their needs are and make targeted introductions.But on the network, especially for the short video, only the merchants themselves to do the introduction, customers are not sure of the needs of the case, according to the past customer needs to do special introduction, such as driving a long distance bus, what auxiliary functions, is not tired of long distance travel.And now a lot of automatic parking and so on, can do video shooting cases.The selling points of the car can be directly reflected in the video. The demand points are different, but the advantages are reflected in the form of video, and the customer’s choice will get more bonus points.After the fans reach the standard, they will have more advantages in live broadcasting. Besides, the cost of advertising is lower than that of offline advertising, and the coverage of customers is wider, so they are actively displayed to customers. Unlike offline customers who only go to the store to look at cars, they may know some performance of cars in advance through short videos and reduce the sales cycle.
Let’s auto industry operating train of thought, of course, there are many, such as the daily class funny types are allowed, find suits own line, here a little, have requirement live broadcast, video is best to do some shaking increased directional flow push video playback volume, attract more fans to come in, to prepare for later live.
Food, clothing, housing and transportation are essential for people’s production activities, especially with the improvement of living standards and more convenient transportation conditions, cars are essential for people to travel.So the development potential of the automobile industry is still very huge.The hope is that car bosses will keep up with The Times and make their businesses even more sophisticated.