“Guang ‘an” democratic League Wu Sheng organ branch to carry out qingming memorial revolutionary martyrs theme education activities

2022-07-09 0 By

In order to remember the revolutionary martyrs, inherit the national spirit, firm mission, in the Qingming Festival, the Democratic League Wusheng county party committee chairman, Wusheng County people’s government deputy county Yin Yun led the organ branch members to Wusheng County Shipan Zhen sea fishing village “Wang Pu martyr” to carry out the memory of the revolutionary martyrs theme education activities.”Although the hero is dead, haoqi jiuzhou”.The allied members listened to the revolutionary story of Wang Pu’s heroic fighting, shared his glorious course of bloody struggle, and drew forward strength from his great fighting spirit.In a solemn and solemn atmosphere, Yin Yun on behalf of the DEMOCRATIC League Wusheng county party committee and the democratic League Wusheng organ branch to the martyrs of the flower basket.Then, all the members lined up in front of wang Pu martyr sculpture, with a heavy heart of collective silence, deep memory and recall the great achievements of revolutionary martyrs, carry forward the noble spirit of inheriting revolutionary martyrs, let the red gene, revolutionary fire from generation to generation.Remember, is to derive spiritual power, look back, is to start new.This educational activity with the theme of “Remembering the Revolutionary Martyrs at Qingming Festival” further stimulated the sense of historical mission and sense of responsibility of The Times for all the Members of the League to inherit the legacy of the heroes and inherit the red gene.Everyone expressed that we should unswervingly “never forget the original intention of cooperation, continue to move forward hand in hand”, based on their own work, actively fulfill their duties, and contribute to the democratic League power for the construction of Wusheng into an economic strong county in chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic circle!