Guangzhou Cayenne down 10,000 yuan welcome test drive

2022-07-09 0 By

Car price early know: Guangzhou Baiyun Porsche Center shop, Cayenne limited time special discount, 02.12-02.12 straight down 10,000 yuan, have the intention to buy a car friends might as well personally go to test drive, shop address:Baiyun District Baiyun Avenue North 861 promotion time from February 12, 2022 to February 12, 2022 Cayenne latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range guangzhou quotation Cayenne 3.0T913,300 yuan 1010,912,200 yuan Cayenne SCayenne Turbo 4.0T1.1800T Platinum Edition 1.1800T Cayenne S 2.9TPlatinum version 1,208,000 yuan 10,000yuan 1,207,000 yuan