How could the legend of Zhen Huan, a nobleman with a high starting point, get off the line so quickly?

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How could the legend of Zhen Huan, a nobleman with a high starting point, get off the line so quickly?Rich was noble, origin of every family, rich in the palace is a noble one, as the equal of eyebrow zhuang, not generally visible her origins, her maiden, itself is beautiful, young, entered the palace after more luck, at the time the palace XiuNv, first to have children, if the child is born, her position will be a rising tide lifts all boats, but there is a woman of such a high starting point,In the harem, however, he went down very quickly, and soon became the victim of a harem struggle. Why did nobleman Fucha end up in such a situation?Rich was noble in the palace is very low-key, after HuaFei arrange Xia Dongchun to examines and rich people to live, just want to suppress Xia Dongchun aggressive intent, because in HuaFei mind, examines the rich noble birth is so good, naturally have their own pride, with her to fetch and carry Xia Dongchun arrogance is one of the most appropriate, but this time the rich was made in the noble very low-key,There is no contradiction between summer, winter and spring because of the deliberate arrangement of The Chinese concubine.Fucha nobleman into the palace is nobleman, enough to see her background, such a background than Shen Mei zhuang is absolutely not inferior, and fucha nobleman down so fast the important reason is that she is too stupid.When Lord Fucha first came to the palace, she did quite well, tolerating herself and keeping a low profile, but after she became pregnant, all this changed, and she practically offended everyone in the palace.The queen did not like the concubine to have children, and Fucha made a sarcastic remark about the hardship of having children, which offended half of the people in the harem.Rich was found after the people had conceived a very arrogant, all the succedent houses a powerful offended, even AnLingRong such small then we also don’t pass, but also in Zhen Huan sorehead when stepping on one feet, the woman in the harem when having favoritism has fallen out of favor, the rich was made in the noble with disgrace Zhen Huan that she had conceived, palace after offend other concubines, and this is why when she was down and out,No one in the harem came out to defend her, because she had offended the whole harem, and her downfall was welcomed by all.The emperor doesn’t like the noblewoman fucha though she is born in a noble family. When she is pregnant, Zhen huan says that the emperor seldom visits the noblewoman fucha, which shows that the noblewoman fucha is not favored by the emperor.Lord Fucha is tall, but she is not very senior in the harem, and she is not favored, and she is relatively stupid, in the harem, the road is not easy.In order to humiliate Zhen huan by saying stupid things like “one for one and two”, it is not surprising that the emperor fu Cha-gui was quickly taken down.