How to infer the appearance of the lover from the character eight, or like the type

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Before we talked about how to look at the appearance through eight characters, such a game, also played several times.Occasionally, to the inspiration, but also like to diverge, some of the fate of the appearance of the six characters.Today, I will talk about how to see the six relatives through the character eight.This is 2020 around the time to see a character eight, chat good, also very deep, may be the day of inspiration is better, said a lot, let the Lord feel very bosom friend, as a result, has been practicing hand even non-stop.The master was not married at that time, the eight character without wealth, wealth star is also the wife of the male master star.Life Lord eight character has no wealth star, his marriage is he more confused place, because he feels a lot of time for the object of marriage, as if there is a little bit like, but there is no such thing as how like, in a daze also do not know what type of their likes.So, it has been wasted time, delay until now.Let’s look at the character eight first.The snake of Lord 89, who was in his 30s, reached child level.Yen shin gold, monthly son water, not order.Gain ground, lose ground.The body is weak.This character of eight did not hurt the official, there are two god of food.There is a partial seal and a positive seal in the year column and year branch.When the column hides the dry couple a positive seal.But there’s only one.This is your wife.In this character, you can see what his wife looks like, or what kind of girls he likes.Because see this character of eight of time, this life Lord is not married, so, this time, we can through husband and wife palace to speculate what kind of girl he likes.The husband and wife Palace is unitary.Consider his wife’s personality, appearance, and his mother’s palace.A man chooses a wife according to his mother’s appearance and personality.His wife’s palace position is youjin, first, consider youjin sheng what?Gold water.Water represents strong kidney function.As long as the kidney function is very strong, the skin will be very white.Unitary gold raw water, on behalf of his likes very white skin girls.Second, unitary what?Metal restricting wood.Wood represents a person’s height.You jin ke mu, which means he doesn’t like the tall girl, he likes the thin little girl.He likes his future wife to be the kind of relationship that he can talk to very much.Hidden inside the unitary is Xin, their personality including topics are very chat to.A very good friend, and his wife was able to help him when he married.He regarded his health as weak, and the money was born to help him.His fortune will improve greatly after marriage.And after marriage his;His wife can help him.And considering his mother’s house, what does Gusteau represent?Gusteau represents a round face.His future wife has a round face.His mother’s palace, the fire has also fallen the official, the seal.The seal represents a high degree, and the official represents a high character.Taking money represents a joke.Gusteau also represents a love of fun.The outgoing girl he likes, very funny, very cute.The education is also very high, the character is more upright.Height appearance is just said thin small girl.There is a very large probability, see the length of the hair, but also see the content of wood, he has a youjin here, he is very likely to like the girl with short hair.If you want to go qualitative, a little similar to the kind of zhou Dongyu type.Generally speaking, look at his six relatives long very good-looking, as long as the six relatives of the palace put ziwu youyou, are more good-looking.If the husband and wife of the patriarch are sitting well, his future wife will be very beautiful.Chen Xu ugly not, for the four tomb library.General husband and wife palace with Chen Xu Chounot, with the characteristics of soil, soil is to bring a very inclusive, so the husband and wife palace with Chen Xu Chounot, his other half will be very honest, very loyal, but the appearance may not be too good.Of the household type.Yin Shen Si hai, called four changsheng, four post horse.This can give birth to the infinite water, wood, fire and earth out, so Yin Shen Si hai in the palace of husband and wife, on behalf of the long is also very beautiful, but not as good as ziwu MAO.When looking at marriage through the eight characters, there will be a lot of attention points, here just talk about how to look at six relatives through the eight characters.The character of eight do not imagine how complex it is, if the character of eight as a game, with the mentality of the game to learn, to play a play, imagine, learn to learn the character of eight is full of fun, can also play happy, learn the heart.