“Long road” into “urban management principal” for the spring school escort

2022-07-09 0 By

“Usually every a day of school, the school next to the person many more cars, because of concerns about the safety of children so specially to send him to school, but found that school circumjacent order today is very good, I saw chengguan, volunteers help to maintain order at the school gate, protect the safety of the students travel, our parents were very at ease.”In Hanyang district Zhongjia village second primary school gate, a student’s parents told reporters.At 7:30 on February 16, Hanyang District Jianqiao Street comprehensive law enforcement Center Zhongjia village area “road leader” Liu Yimin, led the chengguan members, community cadres, volunteers and other staff, at the gate of Zhongjia Village No. 2 Primary school to guide students into the campus in a safe and orderly way.At the same time, the urban management team for the school next to the bike for specification put disorderly parking sharing, advised from the campus surrounding mobile vendors, community groups to do is to assist the traffic police to be yuan temple road electric vehicles and pedestrians to guide, volunteers from the school near the cross led countless students cross the street safely into the campus.”Road long” Liu Yimin introduced to reporters, “we also arranged another group of law enforcement officers in the Guiyuan Temple Road each fork to guard control, in case of emergency can be the first time to deal with the nearest, they have become the school around the campus order to ensure the main force.”It is understood that on the eve of the new term, “Long road” Liu Yimin on the responsibility of zhongjia Village area of all schools surrounding the environment of the investigation, to the campus around the business has carried out extensive publicity, to its detailed introduction of the city management laws and regulations, is strictly prohibited around the campus road occupation and other illegal activities.On the morning of 16th, liu Yimin, the “road leader”, together with traffic, community, property and other units, gathered grid members, volunteers, cleaners and other social co-governance forces to carry out the school protection action in the area, maintain the environmental order around the campus, and escort the smooth opening of the school.The reporter learned from the hanyang District City management and Law enforcement Bureau law enforcement brigade law enforcement two squadron in charge, Hanyang district in the exploration of the “long road system” work, through joint attendance linkage, to achieve the “street whistle, department report” of the big city management coordination governance model.In this spring school guarantee action, all the “road chiefs” in the district became “urban management principals”, and hundreds of social co-governance forces participated in the joint participation, not only for the majority of teachers and students escort, but also to further promote the city fine management, strengthen the construction of grassroots governance system, the construction of a strong practice of urban management pattern.