The epidemic repeatedly difficult to buy online, 6 kinds of snacks can be done by moving hands at home, to solve the greedy delicious, family love

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In fact, some delicious snacks can be made by learning to move their own hands. If you have enough time and talent for cooking, the success rate is quite high. You won’t “see it and waste it”.Spicy sticks, honeycombed sugar, pork floss, sweet potato, black sesame balls, eight zhen cake, 8 kinds of small snacks to satisfy the appetite, some of them are especially nutritious, the family also like.1. Latiao ingredients: 1 bowl of rice, 2 spoons of flour, 2 spoons of starch, 1 spoon of chili powder, 1 spoon of Chinese pepper powder, half spoon of thirteen incense, 1 spoon of white sesame seed, 1 spoon of cumin powder, appropriate amount of white sugar, 1 small section of green onion, 1 piece of ginger, 4 cloves of garlic, salt and chicken essence.1. Add 2 tablespoons of flour and 2 tablespoons of starch to the rice and knead it into a rice dough. If the rice is dry, you can add appropriate amount of water and seal it for half an hour.2, brush oil on the cutting board, so as not to stick the rice dough on the cutting board, wake up the rice dough on the cutting board roll into a thin rectangle.3, add the right amount of water to the steamer, after the hot strip into the steamer, you can pad with oil absorption paper, so that you can avoid the sticky grate.4. Put the steamed latiao embryo into the baking tray at 200 degrees and bake it for about 10 minutes. After baking in the oven, the latiao will become stronger.5, modulation of material oil, adding the right amount of rapeseed oil pan, heat oil. Add ginger, garlic, spring onion, stir-fry with mesh after remove, add 3 teaspoons of bowl of chili powder, 2 teaspoons of Chinese prickly ash, 1 scoop pepper, less than half spoon 13 xiang, 1 white sesame, 1 tablespoon sugar, half a spoonful of salt and chicken essence, make the material oil strike fragrance inspired in the bowl.6. Finally, stir well and pour into the roasted spicy stick embryo.Ingredients: 200g sugar, 100g water, 50g honey, 8g baking soda.1. Add 200g sugar, 100g water and 50g honey to the pot. Bring to a boil with high fire without stirring.2, small fire continue to heat, wait for the bubble in the pot thick slowly rise, immediately turn off the heat, add 8g baking soda, quickly stir to melt, do not stir too long, more than ten seconds can be.3, in the big bowl spread a layer of oil paper, remember the bowl side part also have oil paper, otherwise the sugar will stick to the bowl side, not demoulding and difficult to handle.Pour the sugar liquid into the bowl and let it cool. It will shrink back during the cooling process, which is normal. Do not touch it during this period, so as not to affect the solidification.4. After cooling, tear the oil paper, take it out and gently knock it into pieces. It is sweet and crisp and delicious.Three, pork flos ingredients: half jin of lean pork, 1 piece of ginger, 1 spoon of light soy sauce, half spoon of dark soy sauce, 1 spoon of corn oil, salt amount.1, pork lean clean, cut into large pieces into the pressure cooker, add a few pieces of ginger to fishy, add a small amount of water, high pressure stew for 12 minutes.Remove the cooked pork and put it into cold water to cool down. It is better to insert it easily with chopsticks and tear it into strips for later use.2, the bowl to add 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce, half a teaspoon of dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of corn oil, salt mix well.3, clean pot medium and small fire heating, the pot is best flat bottom area is relatively large, can be heated evenly the best.Put the strips of lean meat into a wok and fry over low heat.4, fry about 5 minutes, add the good sauce, continue to fry until the sauce is dry, meat strips are dry.5. Directly put the fried meat strips into the cooking machine and beat them into powder.So a traditional dish of floss is made, and the children eat the porridge with some special aroma.Four, pulling silk sweet potato ingredients: 1 sweet potato, 1 small bowl of sugar.1, the sweet potato with water to wash off the surface of the soil and impurities, cut off the skin, cut into a hob block.2, add more oil to the oil pan, the oil temperature is 50% hot, add cut sweet potatoes, slow fry with low fire, with chopsticks can be pierced can be pulled out.3, the pot to add a small bowl of sugar, the same amount of water and a small amount of oil, low fire slowly boil, sesame oil color, during this period to constantly stir, to avoid sticking pot paste bottom.4. Add the fried sweet potato pieces, turn to high heat, stir fry quickly, so that each piece of sweet potato is fully covered with sugar, then turn off the heat and remove from the pot.Ingredients: 1 small bowl of black sesame seed, half bowl of black rice, 1 small dish of black wolfberry, 3 spoons of honey.1. Add black sesame seeds to the wok and fry slowly for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and use the remaining heat of the wok to continue to stir fry.2, in the wall breaking machine into fried black sesame, black rice 1 small bowl, 1 small dish of black wolfberry, the ingredients into powder, black glutinous rice does not need to wash, dry directly into powder.3. Pour the broken black sesame powder into a deep plate, put it in a steamer, cover it with plastic film or cover a plate, steam for 30 minutes on low heat, and pour it into a large bowl for later use.4, in a small pot into 3 tablespoons of honey, appropriate amount of water, honey and water ratio is 3:5, small fire boil fusion can be boiled, after good into the bowl for reserve.5. Black sesame powder needs to be stirred together with honey after cooling. A small amount of honey is poured into black sesame powder many times and stirred evenly so that the powder can fully absorb honey.6, the black sesame ball, the black sesame powder in your hands, the ball into a round ball, when the group to the group of some tight, so as to avoid the group of black sesame ball is not shaped, can use wrapping paper to wrap the black sesame ball, convenient and nutritious.Ingredients: 100g glutinous rice, 100g japonica rice (rice), 50g white lotus seed, 50g cooked coix seed, 50g white ferox seed, 50g white lentil bean (dry), 50g huaishan yam (dry), 50g Tuckaan, 5g ginseng, 200g white sugar, appropriate amount of lard.1. Weigh the ingredients. The ingredients used in making the eight zhen cake should be done strictly in accordance with the proportion, and the 8 ingredients used should be weighed and reserved.2. Pour all the prepared ingredients into the wall breaking machine and mix them into powder at high speed.Glutinous rice and japonica rice can be powdered ready-made or individually, preferably not mixed with these ingredients.3, will beat the powder sieve, all into the basin, add 200 grams of sugar, add the right amount of water and flour.4. Choose to add more water to make a soft pastry, which will taste better. You can also add a little less water to make a pastry that is easy to keep.Knead dough until sugar melts without granular feeling.5, a shallow plate brush a layer of lard, put the dough into the flat, steam for 30 minutes, upside down on the cutting board, cut into pieces to serve.- old well said – here the hot candied sweet potatoes to special, hot candied sweet potato is the most difficult is to boil sugar, here four stages: stage 1 hang cream to hang cream peanut, hanging frost, hawthorn, etc., 2 phase wire drawing do hot candied sweet potatoes, yams, 3 phase, coloured glaze do ice-sugar gourd, amber walnut, 4 stages camel paint used for cooking, don’t make a mistake.Finally, the eight Treasures cake is a traditional imperial recipe of the Qing Dynasty. The ingredients are complicated and complicated, but it has a good nourishing effect and is worth moving.I am the market foraging record, and the world for many years, still glorious, still interested!Daily update food menu and market life, pay attention to me, enjoy comfortable life do not get lost.