Children blink frequently, toss their heads, cough, beware of Tourette syndrome

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Children by nature are active and constantly misbehaving, so some abnormal behaviors are not easily detected by parents.Have you ever noticed that your child’s constant blinking, head-flicking, shrugging and snorting may actually be born with Tourette syndrome?Tourette syndrome is a chronic disease with neurobiological basis in the basal ganglia of children.Because the symptoms are not obvious, many parents will mistake it for a child making a face.Typically, only 10 to 30 percent of children will be diagnosed.When the child was in the third grade, the teacher suddenly found that class often winks, zone out, unable to concentrate on learning.Through communication with parents, found that children also have this situation at home.And it’s gotten worse over the years, from what was once just a lot of blinking to a lot of shrugging and ahhh.The child may not be able to express it correctly, leading to the discovery in third grade.At present, the medical authorities do not have a detailed explanation of the cause of the condition, but confirmed that there may be genetic and environmental factors.Children diagnosed with Tourette syndrome don’t really need treatment.What they need more is the care of parents. After correctly understanding tourette syndrome, parents should understand more about their children’s “abnormal” behaviors, care more about them, create a loving environment, and carefully observe the changes in their children’s emotional behavior.For some serious children, doctors will suggest drug and non-drug treatment to help them return to normal school life as soon as possible.Small baby teeth have a big role, children baby teeth don’t throw Tibetan and umbilical edge: han Chinese compatriots to donate cord blood saved collectors wife figure | | new life network