King of Glory: Valentine’s Day limited skin first exposure, pink yao sister or will like to mention the legend of skin

2022-07-10 0 By

Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14, 2022. What are you going to do on this day?According to convention, king canyon and there will be a couple of skin will appear, and this year’s skin has also been determined, that is, yunzhong Jun with yao these two heroes, and the United States also officially broke the skin video.Yunyao’s Valentine’s day limited skin name is called when the prayer, the story background is due to the magic of four leaf clover and set the agreement, young girls heart yearning, made a “four leaf clover about”, I think this story is relatively common, take a look at the exposure picture shape.From the overall color system, yao mei this Valentine’s Day limited skin is mainly pink color, pink symbolizes lovely and lively, I believe that this skin is also to cater to the majority of women’s preferences, but also set off the deer lovely clever;The color scheme of Cloud Zhongjun is dark green and light green tones, reflecting the theme color system of four-leaf clover.As for skin positioning, days beauty is not yet released, but lanling king and mulan skin last year, for example, the skin should be an epic and legendary skin, as for the skin to whom legend, don’t know you remember before yao burberry linkage skin, was a legend limit skin preparation to yao, you quit for some reason this skin launched,I think in order to make up for yao’s dream of legendary skin, this year’s Valentine’s Day will be limited to legendary skin.What do you think?