Major correction, China team 2 gold birth!Wu Dajing 1 patriotic action in the game, was praised by net users

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Ren Ziwei of China won the gold medal in 1:26.768, Li Wenlong won the silver medal in 1:29.917, and Wu Dajing won the fourth place in 1:42.937.Liu Shao-ang of Hungary won the bronze medal in 1:35.693.In the course of the game, Wu Dajing’s 1 patriotic move was praised by netizens!In fact, in the quarter final, China’s three players appear some stumbling, are affected by the opponent to varying degrees of interference, fortunately, finally all to their group 2 smooth promotion.In the semifinals, the three Chinese players gradually began to explode, Ren Ziwei as the group leader through to the final, Wu Dajing and Li Wenlong as the group 2 status.The men’s 1,000m short track final featured five skaters, including three Chinese skaters ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and Wu Dajing, as well as Chinese brothers Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang from Hungary.At the beginning of the final, Wu dajing performed well and soon took the lead. Liu Shaolin of Hungary did not want to be outdone and then completed the reverse. Ren Ziwei took the third position.However, in a surprise move, the referee stopped the match because the ice was damaged due to a collision between skaters.After the restart, physical fitness will be a big test for all competitors!Wu Dajing due to the lack of physical fitness, in fact, has basically bid farewell to the top 3 competition, but in the process of the game wu Dajing a patriotic move moving: Wu Dajing in the physical exhaustion of the situation stuck opponents, and signaled Ren Ziwei rushed up!This kind of patriotic move without me, won many netizens and media praise after the game!In the end, the Hungarian athlete crossed the finish line with a slight advantage, followed by The Chinese athlete Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and so on.However, after the referee repeatedly reviewed the video of the match, Liu Shaolin of Hungary received a yellow card for two fouls, and his gold medal was cancelled.This will mean that the Chinese short track speed skating team from heaven!Ren Ziwei took the gold medal in 1:26.768, while Li Wenlong changed from bronze to silver in 1:29.917. Wu Dajing finished fourth in 1:42.937 due to physical fatigue, but his team honor in the competition was also unforgettable.Liu Shao-ang of Hungary took the bronze in 1:35.693.Rather than the referee’s major change of judgment contributed to the Chinese short track speed skating team to sweep the gold medal and the silver medal, it is better to say that the balance of victory finally tilted to the Chinese short track speed skating team with the “team spirit of”.With this gold medal of men’s 1000m short track speed skating, The Chinese sports delegation also ushered in the second gold medal of this Winter Olympics!It is worth mentioning that the last time China won a medal in this event (men’s 1,000m short track speed skating) was back in Nagano 24 years ago, when Li Jiajun won a heavy silver medal.After the game three Chinese players Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and Wu Dajing’s speech, there is an obvious common point, that is “team”!In the competition, they did it through team spirit, and this is the first time that Chinese athletes won the gold medal in this event (men’s 1000m short track speed skating) in the Winter Olympics!A day of history and miracles!What are your comments?